11 Responses to Phat Booty Cam Belly Dancer

  1. flipper

    I just found out she is back (sort of) she’s doing these booty shaking videos again, so lets hope she gets back in the business!





  2. Pete

    I was a fan of the few scenes she did…..I fell a tear coming

  3. Goldy

    What a shame, Duvy could have been a big pornstar with all that ass. It is not often that you see a Mexican woman with her curves; they usually are shaped like a pile of dirty laundry or a microwave.

    • SoCal Life

      Evident. Accurate. Cogent.

  4. Bootyman96

    Need to see more of these cam girls on Chaturbate. I don’t see any at all.

  5. BSD

    Fellas –

    It’s definitely Sabella Monize/Duby.

    I have a clip of her from the same time period, in a different outfit, dancing in the same yellow room between the two white doors.


    • KingJ

      It’s Duvy, not Duby

  6. Poohbia

    I thought it was sabella until i saw her face in the 1st gif, thats not her but the body is similar, especially that ass

    • Poohbia

      Never mind it is her, totally missed those tats, its a giveaway

  7. Willie Beamon

    BOTD, I think it is. But it is really hard to tell. Ass looks the exact same. I think Sabella had smaller breasts. This is a tricky one.

  8. BootyFreak

    She’s not much of a dancer, but damn I would nutt all up in that ass!

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