14 Responses to Curves in a Sun Dress

  1. Would do

    Man, women with figures like this have stolen so much of my time FAPPIN’ to their bodies. I would follow her around all day, as much as I could until I filled 30 terabytes of spank material in my mind.

  2. CallofBooty

    Again photo shop or not her body is ridiculous. You know we are true booty lovers when NO ONE comments on the clear fact her faces is a hot ass mess. But we don’t give a shit. We’d wife her for that ass and curves bra! !

  3. SayinLord

    Guys downtown chicago has lots women like this. Curves in sundresses. Believe me when i say this. I been to chicago lots of times and every damn 10 minutes i would see women with curves like that. You guys should really come visit chicago during the summer. Also woodfield mall is where the thick girls are at, its not in chicago, its in Schaumburg but believe me ive seen atleast 6 chicks with small waist and maybe around 40in+ hips.

  4. jaymak

    Man….no pullout…reverse cowgirl heaven

  5. This Guy!

    Yeah, im going to be skeptical here…. i hope it’s all real. Hard to tell these days. She still pretty dope though!

    • BSD

      THJIS GUY! –

      I was thinking that same thing when I first saw this. This can’t be,

      Cuz if that is REAL, in those exact proportions, then I’m just gonna embarrass myself in front of this woman.


    • botd

      Tru, the point is, real or not, we’d all smash the heck out of the girl in these pics.

  6. BSD

    Friends –

    If I saw that out in the street I would be through. It would be over.

    I would drop my shit and just jack off right there. In public. In front of God and country. I don’t care.

    And then just wait for the police and go to jail.

    Lawd have mercy, look at that woman.


    • bana

      And no one would blame you

      • BSD

        BANA –

        Dawg lawyers would take my case for free.

        Other hounds, (like you), would pay my bail and fines.

        Some acts just got to be respected.



  7. iceman8069

    Mm..damn..she’s hot!

  8. Nooice

    * slow clap *…..*single tear falls*

  9. Chi

    Chicago oh yea and this whooty

  10. bana

    Cheeze, game over man she just won

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