12 Responses to Creep Shot Booty in Cut Off Jean Shorts

  1. Hothornyass66

    I Love it!!

  2. Robert D. Allen


  3. GDUB

    More Pictures Like This.

  4. G Whitley

    It has to seen to be believed!!!

  5. illlphil

    I’d be arrested if I seen a ass like that. Because I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from stuffing my face in

  6. Jizzmapants

    looks very photoshopped- but very nice none the less

    • poohbia

      I hope it is photoshopped. I would be embarrassed if I was her for having an unproportionate looking ass like that

      • botd

        Nah if you were her you’d be paying for an unproportionate ass like all the girls are doing nowadays.

        • poohbia


      • Sammy
        • Sticky1

          It’s funny how she “thinks” she looks good in the shorts. Only if she spent the one hour working on her ass instead of the hour on Friend Face (FB). I could go on for days. Now that seen the original. My dick went limp.

  7. Al Bundy

    That’s a nice hat she has there.

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