10 Responses to BlondeandWet Whooty Wonder

  1. DG

    2 days after i followed her twitter she said she’d be back till november X.X

    • botd

      She’s been gone for a while. She said she’ll be back in November a few months ago. She probably meant last November.

      If I had to guess, I would say she met a sugar daddy that was like “Baby, you don’t need to do all that stuff on the social medias anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

      Which means she’ll probably be back soon cause those never last.

  2. Traxx

    She kinda looks like Trina Michaels

  3. jay

    Doesn’t someone have a vid where she gets banged

  4. Bootox

    Not bad! She can clap alright.

  5. blackfrost

    super pretty and super nice ass, A+

  6. poohbia

    Wow she got some ass on her

  7. Traxx

    O.k the 2nd shot and the banned vine…totally awesome!

    BOTD was trolling for booty (y’know how it is) & found this random pic that just spoke to me;
    thought i’d share


    • botd

      I think she’s Dominican and used to dance on Chocolate Models.

      • Traxx


        You’re like ‘Booty Bond’ on this shit man


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