Taylor Swift 2.0 – Interactive Edition

Upgrade her till she’s your type.

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only, and is in no way intended to objectify women. There, that should make it okay. If somebody still has a problem with it, blame that dude Bee.

20 Responses to Taylor Swift 2.0 – Interactive Edition

  1. johnson and johnson

    I couldn’t get her thick enough. Hahahaha

  2. Ichabod Crane

    LOL! Even when I thickify this chick, she’s still anorexic

    Taylor Swift was a mistake to post on this site.

  3. Olle

    Would of loved to see a 2.0 of Jennifer Lawrence

  4. Mingtian

    I don’t see how this would “objectify” women in any way. Stop with this “don’t objectify wymmynzz!11!!” garbage and do whatever you want. Feminists bitch about the dumbest things.

    • botd

      True Mingtian. I was just kidding about the feminist thing, but yeah some people do act like their feelings were hurt and their lives were ruined.

  5. Mesi

    What happen to Megan Fox 2.0?

    • botd

      I posted that a while ago on the old Tumblr site, but I’ll probably redo it or repost it sometime.

  6. Chukou

    I want thicker

  7. Clyde

    Amusing as hell

  8. Brent Thompson

    She is never ever ever….. getting any thicker

  9. Azzloco

    Nah! keep clicking thickify ans she still not my type. Can you just make her show us her pink thight pussy. My cock would love more interactive features thanx Bee.

  10. realreal

    it doesn’t work to me

    • botd

      Make sure you have “Javascript Enabled” in your browser settings, or clear your cache and reload or try a different browser.

  11. memnoch

    HOLY SHIT! If T Swift had that ass, oh my!

    • botd

      Not till next month, and she’s hot, but I don’t think that many people have heard of her.

  12. rez

    Thus is fucking great! A STACKED Swift is a dream come true

  13. Bee

    Awesome dude, that so cool Taylor swift the whooty!

  14. Jimmy

    Skinny, shit arse.

    Fuckin typical anorexic Yank. Foul

    • botd

      Sounds like you didn’t thickify.

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