12 Responses to Roller Booty

  1. AssGifsGirls

    Oh My God !!!!!! I just wanna HARD Sex that HOT yoga pants BOOty!!

  2. dannt

    Can I have One cheek please?, oh man! love to smack and slap that ass! and just turn my head around and say it wasn’t me! or hide in the trees!

  3. Jerome

    the bottom of her shirt looks funny almost as if it was photoshopped

    • marco

      ye it’s photoshopped, her booty looks kinda asymetric and weird, check this out http://25.media.tumblr.com/1aff3b93d3ecf16fa5c853fefaf8afe3/tumblr_n3aat2htLS1s0f2c5o1_1280.jpg
      pls BOTD put a little annotation like “ps” or 2.0 to know it’s photoshopped; i dont know if it’s that im weird but i feel like betrayed by the photo when i know after its photoshopped and it act like a cockblock

      • botd

        But that would ruin all the fun.

      • Funkyship

        Man, that’s why photos don’t even do it for me anymore. Gotta be video so I can see the jello shake

      • Brett

        Damn, thanks for the info…i almost fell in love. Knew a perfect booty doesn’t exist =(

      • Urs

        This is just evil….

  4. Riccardo

    Tnk !!!!! BOTD super nice pic

  5. Athr

    More than sexy – this is like a work of art.

  6. Drplayer2k69

    Awesome booty

  7. blackfrost

    super nice!!!!

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