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  1. BackDoeMan

    Checkitout, I’m with you Statix. Although I see what botd’s point is about this site, I would rather see originals WHEN it comes to the celebs. Cuz for one, there is NO way that Kristen Stewarts ass should have the privilege of being on this site. The celebs asses on this site should be the ones that earned it, the God given way and not have to be PSed but as we know, they tap those pics too. Anyway, as far as the other ho’s? I’m still not a PS fan, but what comes out from what they do looks pretty damn hot!

    Note: I havta admit, I didn’t even recognize AnnaSophia Robb without her standing in a chocolate factory blowing a huge cum bubble.

    • photoshopped booties suck

      Fake stuff sucks, but the rest of the site rocks!

  2. botd

    Statix let me break it down to you another way, because you seem to think your definition of certain words are the ones everybody should follow.

    Whenever I hang out with one of my best friends, he’s always pointing at girls talking about “Damn look at that big ass” … So I look, and the girl he’s pointing at actually has NEGATIVE ass. Her ass goes INWARDS instead of out. But he swears her ass is “big.”

    If I posted girls with his definition of big, this site would go out of business with the quickness. Your interpretation of the word big is right to you, but it’s wrong on this site.

  3. eddy

    And here I thought she already had a big ass.

    • Statix

      Atleast I am not alone in thinking her ass was already big to begin with. Thank you, good sir!

      • botd

        Your original question doesn’t make any sense on this site. It’s like asking Hugh Hefner, “Hey Hugh, why are all your models airbrushed? They’re pretty already!” Go ahead and ask him that. We’ll see what he says.

  4. blackfrost

    PS or no PS, it’s still nice. i think all of us would not turn this down if it came into our living rooms naked.

    • Statix

      Well, “it” wouldn’t, now should she, as this is not the real AnnaSophia Robb. Then again, that’s why we are all here, ‘cos we can’t get the real thing.

      • botd

        I wouldn’t put it quite like that, but yes, one of the reasons for this site is to provide a fantasy.

  5. Bee

    Sweet post dude, that’s what I call a PAWG!

  6. jay will

    That’s one Thick ASS Blonde, Love it

    • jay will

      I was wrong about her, she’s not thick at all. Way to use P.S Nice job….

      • botd

        She’s thick now. *fap fap fap*

  7. Statix

    Why are all photos Photoshopped? AnnaSophia Robb’s ass is spectacular enough without Photoshop.

    • botd

      I always read these types of comments as “Let me act like I’m the shit by trying to impress people with my superior knowledge” … but thanks for the info, I’ll put this under Celebrity 2.0.

      • Statix

        That’s really not what I am doing. I just don’t understand the reason for PS in this case.

        • botd

          The reason is because there’s no absolute definition of big, thick or spectacular. There’s no one correct opinion. Some people like them bigger.

          • Statix

            I guess I prefer realism over perfection.

          • photoshopped booties suck

            I agree with statix, all this photoshopped crap is what we get when just anyone can post on the web. Things were so much better before the common joe could afford a computer or cell phone. Now we’re inundated with fake photographs posted by boys who don’t have a life. You’d think people would post REAL people with REAL nice shapely butts but oh no, we’ve got photoshop hacks that present half-baked fake renditions of the real thing. But hey, I get it now- it’s just a fake booty site. Finding and posting the real thing would take work.

    • Cakey

      Yeah, No. I looked at the original. Her underwhelming ass needed PS.

      • botd

        Haha. Statix is always complaining. What he still doesn’t understand is that this site is primarily for eye candy and some people might actually like to see them bigger without having it ruined by know-it-alls. Anyway the PSed pics are just filler if there’s a big post before and after.

        • Statix

          Always complaining? I made a grand total of 5 posts and four were made on this page.

          • botd

            Okay maybe not always, but you’ve said the same thing before.

  8. Maceo

    Would love to visit that city! (Look closely)

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