27 Responses to Proxy Paige Teases and Pleases

  1. NOMoreAnal

    she thick now but her scenes are too much for me. shoving huge objects up her ass is where i stop.

  2. yoyo

    I actually love that she does so much anal, girls like that are rare 😀 you gotta appreciate them !!! come on fam it’s all love.

  3. Richard Liang

    I don’t understand the logic to post negative comments on porn, free porn nonetheless. If the content doesn’t appeal to you, move on. It is truly that simple.

    • Gobot90

      I second that

  4. Joe Curwen

    So can someone tell me the name of this scene?

  5. Osama

    She’s nothing special
    Small tits ugly face and stupid dyed hair
    Now I gotta wank over a paige turnah clip

  6. HornyXpeople

    The anal complain are weird

    • red

      Yeah It doesn’t make any sense, the usual answer “go watch gay porn” is even worse lol

  7. Mr. 30mins

    Too much anal from this hoe. Reminds me of bitches like Phoenix Marie.. Call me when she’s not showing it up her crack.

  8. Goldy

    All of you guys crazy…

    Forget this hoes ass. Have y’all seen her head game. She has to be top 10 doa, in porn history.

  9. Anon

    Any link to this proxy scene?

  10. ChiefChubbyChaser

    How can you be an ass man, and complain about anal? What the fuck is wrong with you?

    • botd

      Cause this site is for asses, not assholes. So gtfo.

    • Horny Tom

      You want anal?

      Go watch gay porn.


    • C.A.

      She has a video where food is shoved up her arsehole, ejected, and… eaten, I think. I watched a trailer, and there was a cut, so I don’t know if she ate it or something else that wasn’t put up her butt.. (via Evil Angel)

    • frank

      Having trouble finding out

  11. blackfrost31

    in all reality i would take proxy over keli any day due to the fact that proxy is all natural like Siri or Jessica minxx. proxy is up and coming and i can see her latter on being the next Kelly divine or jada stevens. am i reaching to far?? ok ok maybe remy lacroix

  12. lolman

    Is there at least one video with Proxy Paige having normal sex???

  13. Alf

    THis nigga wilding, this bitch ain’t got no jiggle. shit. You did a good job with the recent post of Ryan SMiles, but this bitch right chea ain’t go shit.. Damn my nigga, this bitch got pre-teen booty.. Ya’ll niggas like lil boys?? I like my bitches thick and thicker. in the meann time, check out this pawg, make ya’ll selves useful and tell me who this bitch is. http://xhamster.com/movies/5674864/amazing_pawg_and_big_dick_brotha.html
    this some real ass

    • abc

      Kelli staxxx

      • Alf

        Much obliged Gentlemen

    • Udderman

      yo, that’s Kelli Staxxx…don’t know why she got an ass implanted, she still had her ass after she lost some weight.

    • yabajaba

      She looks gross.

    • HornyXpeople

      Natural booty > implant booty

  14. Dutchbootylover

    I love the fact that she gained weight, made her into one of my favourite pornstars. That bush and that jiggle. Can’t get enough. I know she lives in Amsterdam somewhere, maybe one day I’ll get a shot at that ass.

    • HornyXpeople

      I was going to ask that question, she looks amazing thicker

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