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  1. David Assman

    The only thing I could find is that this came from world naked bike ride day in 2014. However,it’s Photoshopped.

    These are the links. Any further I formation on her would be good.

    On the links below,just check the pictures from this section:
    spyer 07:47 AM 10-06-2014





  2. tester

    they have these in austin texas every year. anyone can join and ride. no guarantees you get placed in front of a hottie though.

  3. GDUB

    Nice Big White Booty!!!

  4. GDUB

    Fantastic Big White Booty!!!

  5. Zoe

    A shame only 3 people looking at this chick in the whole pic.

  6. Anonymous

    Guys… Can someone please please please tell me either who this is, or what event this was?

    I’m literally in love like no joke.

    Her ass is so beautiful.

    Please let me know!

  7. Douche Baggins

    Ohhh to be her bike seat. Look at how worn the fuck out it is!

  8. BootyFreak

    I would ride it!

  9. Ozzzy


  10. TK

    $20 she turns around and her face is HIT.

  11. Aalim

    Chick in the green got cake too!

  12. Alf

    don’t know about “tour de force” but i’ll give that ‘whore de force’

  13. blackfrost31

    from the back is really nice but would love for her to turn around so we can get a peak at the front

  14. JP

    I would love for my face to be her seat.

  15. iceman8069

    Good Lord! the things I’d do to her!

  16. Anonymous

    Where is the festival/parade?

    • Jay

      Probably from the WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride). Hard to say exactly where since they take place all over the world, but my first guess would be Australia.

    • hhhh

      guy in the bandana … his bike..municiple rental.. the front “plate” … looks like the london underground logo but blue… hhhmmm
      im going uk london over oz

      • hmmm

        agree. this is a london gps tracked bike. i assume they are in the regents park.

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