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  1. Maxwell

    Porn stars can’t win, you got guys that will stop watching as soon as an actress does IR scenes, and others that get mad if they refuse too like Alexis Texas, and guys like me who really don’t give a fuck, I’m looking at the girl don’t give a fuck about the color of the dudes dick that’s just me though.

    • reservoir dog

      word – well said my man.. well said.

      • MansaMusa

        I guess, I am from the old school, when it comes to mackin’. I from the south, where the white girls are thicker than black chicks (percentage wise). The day a “Alexis Texas” decides to do XXX movies, is the day when she decides to sully her name. When I was a kid, I ran through a swath of women. The funny thing, a lot of these aforementioned thick white women “loved the brothers” in high school and college; eventually to marry a Ted Crews – Rand Paul kind of guy and act like they never swallowed black nut butter, buy the keg loads. I love all women: from Rosee Devine to Tyra Banks to Kate Hudson to Chiquis Rivera to Demi Lovato to Rihanna and Alicia Keys. My thing is sex appeal.

    • MansaMusa

      For one to indulge in porn, that person usually lives vicariously through certain subjects. I am sure that all you fellas have looked at a movie and been like, “man he isn’t putting down like I can”. Conversely, maybe instead of using backhanded homo jokes. Subjectively, all men look at porn, and possibly surmise what they would do to the woman in the porn. Oh yeah, and a if you have not compared your dick to another guys: either the guy who stole your chick, or vice versa, or in a porn movie, you are phony. I am a man, bruh, not a mouse.

      • Pete

        Never compared my dick to any other man my dude. I let the WOMEN be the judge of size and what I put down.I gives a damn what another dude is packing, as long as I’m keeping the ladies happy, it’s the only thing that matters to me. Just how I get down & I’m not phony

      • Maxwell

        You got issues my dude, when I watch porn I look at the females body, facial expressions, how wet she is, the penis is no more than a prop to me, I get the same satisfaction if not more seeing a woman use a dildo. I’m not up there with a ruler measuring my sick against the porn actors, I’m not with a clipboard deducting points for a mistimed thrust lmao.

        • KingJames

          Hit the nail on the head brother, when I watch porn the dude is invisible to me. I’m imagining myself pounding the chick.

  2. Bootox

    Wow! Nice rear! It’s strange to say but it’s sad to see the good ones getting out of porn world. Of course that I know that most of them choose to go (by various reasons) but when the girl is good I won’t mind to see the younger/innocent phase and the milf/more experienced phase.

  3. BSD


    Nah, that’s an old clip. Ava Rose is long gone from porn. I agree that she was never the most energetic fuck. But there were a couple of hardlegs that hit it right and got some good responses out of her. Every once in awhile. But that face and that ass, (especially after it got PHAT), kept me coming back.

    I was also pissed when she stopped doing IR. In her last four or five years in porn she only did one IR scene, and that was when L.T. and Elegant Angel gave her a big payday.


    • Pete

      And even in that one she was asleep through most of it

  4. Jason


  5. MansaMusa

    Is this a recent clip? I stop looking at her, after stop letting the brothers hit it. She is a corpse in the sack.

  6. iceman8069

    I love me some Ava Rose! I’d still pound her out!

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