Wendy Suicide Throwback

via suicidegirls.com

One of my all time faves, so had to post.

Usually I do a Smash or Pass in case I’m not confident enough about a girl’s hotness. But in this case, is there any man among you that would NOT smash? Hold up, let me crack my knuckles and roll my sleeves up real quick. Okay you can step forward now.

37 Responses to Wendy Suicide Throwback

  1. Javier Ochoa Jr

    I hope she is still single. I find women with long thick silky black hair more attractive than blondes!

  2. Gdub

    I love those suicide girls.

  3. HornyXpoeple

    Smash will not pass

  4. azabaz

    Classic butterface

  5. Bootox

    Well, she has a pretty face and her body is good. She is the kind of thick that don’t lose the sexy shape of the body because of the weight. I admit that i’m not so hyped about her but I would smash this one.



  7. masterken

    Well to tale you guys the truth I personally would smash. Here my reason I like voluptuous women black , white etc sothat is my taste. I really cannot fuck no skinny ass chicks like some of these other dudes because it just looks and feels nasty.

  8. Justpassin

    Love this site just thought id share this big booty to all http://flykarmabird.tumblr.com

  9. Pete

    It makes me wonder about some of you guys. I can see if she had fat hanging, was round and had no shape but some of you are complaining when there’s nothing to even complain about. You’re welcome to your opinion but no worries fellas, just more for us who love us some thick wwomen

  10. tommytbaron

    I don’t normally dig the overly-tatted chicks, but this girl’s body completely overrides that issue! I’d listen to all her boring stories about her tattoos just to smash her. High five!

  11. Chukou

    Definitely a smash!!! She would be tons of fun !!! Please excuse the pun.

  12. Saultballs

    I will fuck her over and over and over !!!!!!0 but will not take out in public !!!! Lol

  13. This guy!

    Man, after reading these comments it’s hard to not sound confrontational or contradicting as per prior posts. Okay, let me start by saying, IMO, this gal is fairly pretty. In addition she is NATURALLY thick, not sure about the whole “cheeseburger away” comment, but for me I definitely love women of this physique. No fake booty, no fake ass, WE know it’s real. The thing that really gets my attention are her breasts. That’s how real, I hope they are btw, big breasts are supposed to look like etc. etc. etc. And for a “fat” girl to gain that “thick” status, it’s just a means of losing weight. Yeah, I know, easier said than done.

    • bigswole

      one cheeseburger away means she’s on the verge of being too fat to fuk wit. real talk, she need to loose bout 25 pounds, do some crunches, daily, and start wearing bras. her titties gonna be handin down to her knee caps by age 30.

  14. jaymak

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit….she is nice and thick….soft in all the right spots…built for sweet punishment..

  15. blackfrost

    Smash, eat, sleep, smash, eat, sleep, smash, eat, sleep, smash, eat, sleep….yall get the point

  16. MansaMusa

    A true thoroughbred, indeed, but a few more suicide girls that are
    thicker than her.

  17. bigswole

    She’s one cheeseburger away. Literally. To add, there are a lot of SGs who look waaaay better than her, with body.

    • botd

      Dude if you know a Suicide Girl with a better body than that, then how come you’re not sharing.

  18. botd

    I think this Indian girl right here is pretty, no?



    But beauty is probably even more subjective than body, so I should stay away from that argument.

    • Douche Baggins

      I agree she’s pretty but she needs to stop plucking her damn eyebrows! Don’t they get it?

  19. Warpig

    Big and burly take them home early.

  20. botd

    To anybody that doesn’t think she’s pretty, first, go to the next pic or the previous pic where her eyebrows look full and complete instead of half-shaved. If that doesn’t change your opinion, then you have to show me an example of a face that you think looks pretty.

    • mee(a)t

      Its not even the eyebrows, though they don’t help. Her face is just plain to me. It’s flushed and pale, and her eyes aren’t round enough to pop, her lips don’t do much either.

  21. BSD

    Friends –


    I didn’t even know she had a HEAD!

    This chick’s body makes my loins ache with desire.


  22. Anon7389

    Culo de vieja!

    You’d have to make a funeral because, my face would be so buried, someone think I died in dat ass.

    Needs more doggystyle photos and better angles tho. That las one pic was the best

  23. Spungn

    Uh…..S-M-A-S-H!!!!! All the fukn way!!! THIS….is a WOMAN!!!!!

  24. iceman8069

    I’d smash the fuck outta her! Perfect example of thick! Niiiiiice!

  25. Jason

    I’d pass. She is alright I guess but nothing to ride home about.

    • Douche Baggins

      It’s WRITE home about. Just evidence that you’re broken… she’s a total SMASH!

  26. mee(a)t


    Its probably me but her face isnt all that.

  27. Pete

    Come on now, of course she’d get SMASHED !! Any dude who says he wouldn’t has some issues

  28. Maxwell

    Ok botd, you have brought a perfect example of a girl who is thick, notice her noobs are still perky, her belly doesn’t sag and have that dimpled cellulite look that makes the belly look like jelly. This woman no question I would smash, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t tell the difference between her and the other “bbw” good find btw.

    • botd

      I hearya, but like I said before, it’s all about the ratio.

      People have a natural urge to try to convince everybody else to like what they like, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE for us to see eye to eye because we’re programmed differently. It’s just as equally difficult to convince a gay guy to like girls or to convince a straight guy to like dudes. But I bet if you took a poll and asked every guy around the world, especially outside America, millions of other men out there would not share your views. Does that mean anybody is right or wrong? No.

      I mean I give up. You’re absolutely right and I’m wrong. I’ll go change all my tastes right away to match all yours.

      • Jack Daniels

        All I see is a woman with holes to fuck. Mouth looks good, face ok, pussy is good, tits average, asshole not sure, must spread her open to inspect.

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