33 Responses to Silly Sexy Spin


    Her name is Lira Galore, where are my skittles at?

    • botd

      I’m fresh out of Skittles. Was about to give you a cookie tho, cause thought you were serious for a minute. But forget it. No treats for you.

  2. Udder Appreciation

    “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” -Christopher Hitchens

    • botd

      Haha. Props UA. Hitch was the man.

  3. botd

    Guys try not to make assertions without providing any evidence. And I’m talking about throughout the rest of your life. Not just right now. I mean for everybody that’s saying it’s Jhonni Blaze or it’s Tahiry, it’s really easy to link to where she posted it on Instagram or Twitter to prove it and shut everybody up.

    Until then, none of you are right. Might as well say it’s Pee Wee Herman.

    • Akeem

      Bruh its Tahiry. She posted this on her instagram and deleted it soon after. I specifically remember it being on her account. Alot of these ig chicks will upload some fire then delete it 3 minutes later.


      • botd

        Okay see. Thereya go. That’s all I was asking for. Something a little more concrete instead of everybody’s word. Not calling anybody a liar. Just saying we should all know that our brains play tricks on us.

        Confidence is a good thing to have most of the time, but you guys gotta have a little doubt sometimes. Doubt is the best thing in the whole wide world, and is the answer to world peace. And I’m not even joking.

        Okay lemme shut up and try to finish this next post.

      • botd

        Might sound like I’m making this a big deal, but it’s never a bad idea to spread the word about it. Doubt folks, doubt. Think about it.

  4. bigcat

    That’s Jhonni Blaze

  5. jaymak

    Sweet lord…..thats worth a few skeet sessions

  6. booty slayer

    I’ll go long dick style on that booty

    • TyroneLongdickStyle

      I’m tyrone and i am about to fuck somebodies wife… LONG DICK STYLE!! (BOING)

  7. I think i know

    THAT IS NOT TAHIRY!!! Tahiry’s boobs are bigger than those. That’s definitely Johnni Blaze though. Looks like one of those home videos she made with rich homie quan

  8. Poon Raider

    I’ll give her the D!

  9. realreal

    daamn, i love black women, even more than white, even more that pawgs!

  10. jayLuis

    Who is this chick?

  11. JJ

    Yeah i’m pretty sure that’s Tahiry too. Ass so phat

  12. Yeah

    That looks a lot like Jhonni Blaze…is that her?

  13. Pete

    Did dude seriously say he’d pass ?? Wow…..

    • john

      I am entitled to my opinion, just like you are.

      • Dreighen

        Yep, you’re entitled to be gay AF, nothing against gays. Pass? Seriously? haha

        • Chaos

          So just because their taste in women is different than yours they are suddenly gay?

          • Janos

            I’ll pass black women turn me off. Body’s alright but when they get an opinion no one can shut them up. No homo.

      • purgekin

        If you said pass, why did you come back to reply? You clearly came back for a second look lmao

    • DG

      yeah i’d pass twice too on that booty i’d get some food and then go again at it for 1234243245325 times again

  14. poohbia

    Damn son

  15. iceman8069

    Damn…she bad as fuck!

  16. john


  17. necro892003


  18. 843bigred

    Damn, I want that badly

  19. seanjohn100

    pretty sure thats tahiry

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