9 Responses to Four Fine Figures

  1. Al

    How do you choose? All so fine!!!

  2. BigAssFanatic

    Make you want to hire them all for house work like that.I know I would ,and 5some afterward.

  3. Smackdatass

    sorry to be the bearer of bad news fellow booty lovers but this is fake- tis from a from university rowing team calendar in merry old England. The original pic isn’t too bad, the asses are at least pert, if not particularly big

  4. poohbia

    I’ll take the one on the far right

  5. DG

    the one at the very front

  6. Yeah

    4 times perfect!

  7. iceman8069

    Damn…4 times the perfection!

  8. bathmate1

    The 2 on the right and the 2 on the left are fuckin perfect.

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