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  1. Luke

    First off I just have to say that who ever you are that has created this site, I love you! With that said I wanted to let u know as a daily viewer I reeeaally like when u pick these girls who arent all that popular but deserve to be, and then supply us with their name too, u sir a great fella

  2. Bee

    Dude Sofia Vergara 2.0 http://www.gotceleb.com/sofia-vergara-arriving-to-lax-2013-07-08.html There’s got to be a way!

    • botd

      I don’t know man, none of those look like they would come out good. And the Megan Fox, you can’t see her face so it wouldn’t really count. Plus I posted 4 Megan Fox 2.0s already, from the old site.

      • Bee

        Ok man I trust your judgement,You are the master! I know you will find someone good.

  3. Malik

    Where’s the JUICE?

  4. Aalim Chin

    I want some. The thirst is strong in me!

    • HWBD

      Looks like you need help with this one. Dont worry I got her back.

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