62 Responses to Big Booties on the Couch – Part 3

  1. Yo

    11, dee siren

  2. Chhris

    Number 5?

  3. Jakob

    Please, who’s 10?

  4. Titty

    Who’s 7 and the last one?

    • Vikivik

      # 7 is A.J. Applegate…. Boss

    • Vikivik

      And the last one is Klara Gold. already told….that

  5. Black mon
    • botd

      Nah but I love when they open their mouths like that. I always give them a nice present.

  6. jajaj

    common who is the number 13, please i need it

  7. Grimace

    I need names

  8. jajaj

    who is the number 13?

  9. Sweet Jeebus

    1,2,6, & 13 can get the sex.

  10. GrownMan

    who are 9, 10, and 13?????????

  11. Vikivik

    looking for Number 3… please Find the name somone..DUDE.. I cant sleep

    • Vikivik

      Oh Sorryyy. Number 7.
      I tried the image reverse research… but all invain…..

      • dsgdsgdsgdsg

        A.J. Applegate I think (#7)

        • Vikivik

          YES yes yes… thats the one…Million Thanks my Friend

  12. Justaguythatlikesthewebsite

    thats definitely pinky for #4, she’s the only one that has tan lines like that !

  13. Michael

    Ok now who is #4 the tan lines are righteous!

  14. Gow3
    • AreJay

      Booty Star

  15. botd

    I had to remove the girl from the first and last pics because she complained, even after I posted her links previously and sent her over 10 thousand visitors. So now she’s blacklisted.

    • Rizzo

      What an ungrateful whore.

    • Jason

      OOOOO. Y did she get mad? & do you think it’s weird when a girl gets mad @ guy for taking screenshots of their butts/boobs & it’s their fault in the 1st place for putting it out there?!

      • botd

        I can’t talk about her or mention her name cause she’s blacklisted, along with that other girl who’s name is the same as that iPhone voice assistant, and that thick blonde who does those corny Youtube videos of her cooking, doing housework, and I think doing yoga or some shit, like we care.

        • botd

          Actually Siri’s no longer on my blacklist because her body is too nice. I’ll pardon her personality for now.

  16. MingRee

    #2 is Miss Melo, some thick escort chick that has a lot of pics going around. Found a POV of a dude smashing her from behind if anyone wants it

  17. botd

    I hate when people say “a quarter past eight.” What the fuck is a quarter past eight. Are you trying to say 8:15. If you are, then just say it. No need for fancy talk.

  18. Boo yah

    Who is the penultimate whore?

    • botd

      First off, please respect the wenches… I mean girls. Second, what does penultimate mean. I don’t have good vocalabary.

      • commentingaccount

        In this context, second to last. In many, it means second to the best or second best.

        • botd

          True I’m just messing with him for using a big word on a booty site, and for calling our lovely models whores.

          • Alf

            I would call dude pompous, but the fact that he used a long-word and called a chick a whore…. He get’s my respect. That shit is funny as hell bruh. I got another big-word for ya’ll one that pertains to this booty site. callipygous, as in : “all these bitches posted above have a callipygian ass.”

          • Vikivik

            yes I totally agree dude…. Beauties with body like this are not found easily …. and the chance to get a glance of there golden assests is a rarest event…..

            Thanks BOTD

          • botd

            @Alf … true that’s a good word. I also like “rubenesque”

  19. dg

    i pick number 4

  20. Rizzo

    I know for a fact #3 is Kissa Sins

  21. Vikivik

    NAME the others,,,,pleasseeee. they are alll Great bodacious assess…..

  22. Vikivik

    14 looks Klara Gold…awesome body ….

  23. joe

    Who is #5?

  24. Chris
  25. Boothy Enthusiast

    2. Missz Melo

    Also does anybody know who this is?

    • botd

      Damn I don’t know, but I’d like to get to know her. I was gonna do something silly and actually pay for the video from clips4sale, but the scene’s not that great.

      • RasTrent

        Did a scene for RK as Lexi Skye. God ass, but, of course, those clowns can’t shoot for shit


        • botd

          Thanks for the info. True that scene’s not that great either. I guess some people like that POV pussy penetration shot. Personally I like my scenes zoomed out as much as possible to get the girl’s whole body standing up.

          • dg

            true gotta see the shape of that ass

          • Beans

            Do you know who number 6 is?

          • botd

            @Beans I thought it was Nina Kayy but not sure if she has those tats.

          • Beans

            @botd just looked her up and she has that same pic on her Instagram. Thank bro.

  26. Boothy Enthusiast
  27. Alf

    Just somethin about ripped spandex that gets me everytime

  28. GuideP
    • KingJay


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