34 Responses to Katvong Dominican Booty Shake

  1. John Crock

    Yo does anybody know her real name?????

  2. Naughtynuff4u

    She has twitter. twitter.com/Kathyy_xoxo

  3. Bellchevious
    • Bootylover99

      omg thank you much dude you’re fucking awesome. Such a fucking lad man much respect!!!

    • glencocoe

      i can do you one better: FULL Quality 😉 nitroflare(dot)com/view/A5A2E3DA45503D2/KatVong_MM.wmv & rapidgator(dot)net/file/ceaf83b9aaa14002f04d7659fd42e1cb/KatVong_MM.wmv.html

      • Bootylover99

        nice but it only allows premium users and i dont have a premium account

      • Ballzee

        Any way you can post these again as it seems they’ve already been deleted. Thanks

  4. Bootylover99

    If anyone has her pics and vid from her mixed magazine release, email me them at alicewonderland47@yahoo.com. Greatly appreciate it guys 🙂

  5. Black man

    Anyone have a link to these supposed can videos of her doing pussy play?

    • bootox

      Yeah. Please, some good fellow who knows the info, share with us.

    • Cjay

      she does it on her camsoda site, on her webcam.. but you have to be lucky enough be at the right time to see a pussy play show or Anal play show, people have to tip her and shell do it after she reaches her goal, other then that if someone has recorded it…it might be online somewhere,,still its free just register to camsoda and hope they reach the goal at the end of her show,, just keep watching.. you don’t have to tip, everyday she usually reaches her goal i know cause i seen a few anal shows from her and i didn’t spend one penny 😉 haha

  6. Maxwell

    She’s Dominican I thought Dominicans were black?

    • OZZZZ

      Dominicans are mixed. Some are black, some are white, some are a mix of both.

  7. Southwestern

    No tattoos too! Somebody give her a medal.

  8. Cjay

    dammmmm,i hope katvong does PORN soon…. she already does pussy and ANal play on camera..crossing fingers..

  9. Dathirst

    She could probably take some mean backshots

  10. D-Mac

    Does anybody have access to the video she did w/ MiXED MAG? I’ve seen the pics and she looks so smashable.

  11. Bootyman96

    Oh yeah Domincan babes. This right up my alley. The cheeks on her.

  12. Poohbia

    Damn son, more like this please

  13. yabajaba

    Wait what…..Katvong is NataliaHart/Nina Fyre?! I was about to comment on how the ass in the first gif looks exactly like her but, going through her IG I’m barely realizing this. Mind kinda blown. I guess it doesn’t help that her webcam quality is a bit shitty. I wonder if she generally gives out her IG.

    • Bootyman96

      Camgirl too? Link me her name n I’ll find some vids. I don’t blame any uploaders for illegally recording her.

  14. iceman8069

    She can definitely get it all day! That ass is great! The things I’d do to her!

  15. Fireball

    ….more fat ass than big booty 🙁

    • botd

      The best kind.

    • Phil

      You jerk. This chick looks great! It’s men like you that cock block pussy for all of us. Do you realize that when women feel sexy and confident about themselves that is the number one thing that make them want to fuck. When they feel insecure and unsexy they close their pearly gates. You ever notice these girl tend to not smile on their instagrams? This chick doesn’t smile in any of her pictures. You know why? Because SHE’S INSECURE! Even though we look at her and think she’s hot (except for you apparently) she’s a thick girl who probably feels fat and knows she will get fatter. But she knows this will get her attention to make her feel good about herself in a superficial way. She know’s if she loses some weight she probably will feel good, healthy about herself but we won’t let her because we won’t look at her instagrams, feature her on BOTD or pay her for her Cams. Either she’s too skinny, or too fat, blah blah blah. She has to work hard to keep herself just thick enough without being fat or too skinny. It’s tough for her!! If we accepted her instead of giving critique to her ass not being plump enough she wouldn’t feel that way and instead would smile. I bet you don’t look all that but women are not as superficial on looks as we are. Lucky you! Lucky all of us men! Maybe we should return the favor.

      • botd

        Tru Phil.

        I mean if this girl has a “fat” ass as opposed to a big booty, then friends, I love me some “fat” ass.

        But you’re right. I don’t know how many girls I knew that looked nice and thick but then ended up either loosing weight and looking mad unhealthy, or got fake tits and fake asses and ruined themselves. Then they’re like all “Hey Dave I mean BOTD, check me out… don’t I look so hot now.” I’m like “Bitch, fuck outta heaaa…Be gone wench… You’re cut off.”

  16. BootyFreak

    When she bends over, damn!

  17. RookieTime123

    Holy fuck this is an amazing chick.

  18. Naughtynuff4u

    There’s a difference between having a big ass in contrast to having wide hips and her hips are just wider than her ass being bigger than what is. Her ass looks bigger mainly because of her sticking it out.

    • realreal

      in porn: big ass > wide hips
      in real life: wide hips > big ass

      She’s amazing btw, jesus

      • Naughtynuff4u

        Thats exactly right.

      • RasTrent

        Damn straight. Give this man the Nobel for finally quantifying the ass assessment algorithm !

      • bootox

        You’re right, dude!

        And if you can have a chick with both…you’re a happy man!

    • axel

      how can i download this??

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