26 Responses to Blonde Bombshell Battle

  1. Douche Baggins

    Never thought I’d catch myself saying this, but they’re all too skinny! Holy shit… what has the world come to lol

    • botd

      Haha my man.

      • Douche Baggins

        This website has broken me for all the skinny bitches! 🙂

    • Southwestern

      I thought I was crazy. You’re a noble man. I’m over here like they all could use another month of Thanksgiving to Christmas meals on em then we can talk.

      Even at that the ass cuffage aint as pronounced as I would prefer. Don’t get me wrong though I ain’t a gay, I’d still smash all three. Just not into oblivion and back like say an Olivia Jensen.

      • Douche Baggins

        Crazy you are not… Olivia Jensen makes all three of them look anorexic.

  2. Moony

    the Purple one!

  3. Charlles Pepper

    Whats the movie’s name?

  4. Taiwatcher

    What happen to aj applegate? She use to be my perfection. Check out her first scene or second on realitykings (monster curves and money talks). Gimme me that version of her back. Annikka and Kelsi are business as usual. I’ll even argue that kelsi ass my have gotten fatter

  5. Traxx

    A.J i’d consider the most beautful facially, but the things Kelsi’s gorgeous body can do with a performance? (smh) My balls still ache from thinking about it

    • C.A.

      Kelsi’s smile though.

      • Traxx


        • naughtynuff4u

          she [kelsi] has rabbit teeth when she smiles.

          • C.A.

            Naughty’s being petty today.

          • C.A.

            I just want to clarify that I love Kelsi’s smile. I should have been clearer.

          • naughtynuff4u

            i like her smile. it’s that she looks silly when she smiles.

  6. Bootyman96

    Ultimate fantasy. Blondes are my dream.

  7. Pete

    I’m going with fake blonde Kelsi

  8. itzKuma

    who’s in the purple?

    • R Dray

      Annika Albrite

  9. Jason

    I know that this isn’t related to this… but like Kelli Staxxx just did a new scene. Um… does anybody have the link to the full video?!

  10. Basileus

    Gods above, it’s hard to choose just one…

    Y’know, they say meat is for the man and bones are for the dog, but I ain’t exactly a picky eater.

  11. DG

    Aj is blonde ive seen her anal hairs xD

  12. Sammy5150

    Kelsi Monroe allll day

  13. BSD

    Friends –

    Of the three, I like Kelsi’s body better, BUT, I liked Kelsi as a brunette much more than I do her as a bottle blonde.

    A.J. is a good porn girl, but I also liked her much better in her earlier incarnation as Kaylee Evans. When she was fresh and thicker.

    Anikka is probably the best porn girl of the three. She is a winner in pretty much everything she does. Never phones or mails in her scenes.

    All of them could be a little thicker for my specific tastes, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. I’ve jacked to all three.


    • DG

      lmao but nah aj is the best of the 3 in the scene as of right now

  14. beardo

    I will take AJ

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