37 Responses to Big Booties in the Kitchen – Part 5

  1. Beauty


    You have full support from me. Looks masculine, vulgar and just plain absurd. I like a natural, healthy looking lady. Take care of yourselves, embrace your femininity and have confidence, ladies. The rest is fluff.

    • botd

      Thanks man. Looks like it’s just me and you. But forget the protest. We need to take this to Washington.

      • Anonymous

        Change is afoot. As a person that goes “digging” around the internet looking for new, naturally curvy women to peruse whenever the free time to do so presents itself, can’t help but notice that the usual “curvy girl (nee urban modeling)” websites are one by one converting over to the string-bean-legs-and-diaper-booty format exclusively. Take for example, ***nightspots. There was a brief posting of Maliah Michel’s photos to which the response was not favorable (they called her fat and out of shape). Mind you, only months before they were practically worshiping the woman in the comments. As of that occurrence, you’ll only see obvious surgery recipients and masculine gym rat girls there. Sure that’s just one site in the grand scheme of things but it is one of many abandoning natural femininity and embracing grotesque artificiality as a norm. Under these circumstances, you can still find naturally voluptuous and shapely women in plus-size model focused forums and sites (sub-reddits, pinterests, tumblrs, etc). They don’t all have big stomachs and there are many with exceptionally beautiful faces. Also, there are a significant number of escort sites that post photos on the net fitting the bill as well. Keep up the good fight, BOTD!!!!

  2. botd

    If you’re into legs and Asians, check out this post…


    Only two short video loops tho, so if you were expecting more, just wait longer like Pet Detective.

    • Southwestern

      Having a thick thigh fetish just means you’ve figured out the secret of life. No big deal.

      I need to move to Asia, the thigh fetish seems to be as widespread as the basic white man breast fetish over here. The sites and research you do are important to American Culture. Thank You. And I’m taking #10, fuck the food.

  3. botd

    Okay let’s practice for the protest. Cmon everybody. All together now…

    Hell to the fuckin no. All these fake asses gotsta go.

    Now just the girls…

    Hell muthafuckin no. Ugly ass boobjobs gotta go.

    Now just the pervs… you know who you are…


    Good job everybody.

  4. botd

    Here’s a preview of the new one…


    • poohbia

      Wow she went way overboard with that fake ass, it looks like its about to fall off while shes shaking it. Thats not a good look

  5. botd

    Maybe her ass has been fake for a while, but I guess it’s just more noticeable now.

    Anyway, while you guys work on the signs, I’ll take care of the protest message and write the chants. Check out what I got so far…

    We’re all gonna yell… “Hell…muthafuckin NO! All this fake booty gotsta GO!”

    Nice right? I just made that up a little while ago. Only took me like two hours.

  6. botd

    I think we lost another one guys. I think Kelli Staxxx ruined her ass. She used to look mad good when she had real ass and tits tho…


    Man, that’s it. Enough is enough. We need to organize a protest and march our asses outside the booty doctor’s office first thing Monday morning… and demand they immediately stop all assjobs once and for all. Might as well stop all boobjobs too while we’re at it.

    Cmon guys, lets go. CMON, for real. You guys take care of the signs.

    • primerino

      its not the doctors it’s the girls. the doctors are just around because the girls want the fake boobs and butts. these females need to stop ruining themselves with fake butts, but they won’t since they see how much attention one draws.

      • botd

        True. I was just joking. Nobody would march with me anyway. Sucks cause I could’ve been the next Martin Luther King Jr, but for something important like booty instead of Civil Rights.

        But you’re right. The weird thing is tho, some guys like that fake big booty look, or the fake big titty look. Other guys hate it. To me it’s an instant turnoff, because my brain doesn’t see it as feminine. In some cases it actually covers the feminine part, so it’s like a girl making herself negative feminine, if that makes any sense.

        Not even sure how this would be a good analogy, but it’s like that fashion designer Donatella trying to make her face young and pretty but ending up butchering it.

        Who knows, maybe the important thing for a girl is to try to attract men with money, and maybe most of the men with money are attracted to girls with fake body parts. I don’t know, just a theory.

        I’m full of theories and analogies.

        You guys: “Yo BOTD, you’re full of something alright.”

        • primerino

          see i can deal with the fake boobs a certain size but after a while it gets too big. fake butts are an instant turnoff for me aswell.

          but i think the girls with the fake parts go after guys with money because (a) they get to much an ego with all the attention their getting so normal guys aren’t good enough for them or (b) that us “normal” guys don’t want a girl with a fake butt so we don’t chase after them.

          most of them are strippers anyways so they’re used to all the “money” they get and they want more so they just look for a sugar daddy, and these guys with money are just stupid and want a girl with a big booty, but who knows.

          • botd

            Good points.

            Hopefully one day we’ll finally understand women.

          • bootox

            I think this is also a result of the woman nature. They are beings who really need attention to feel good. Also, their competitive spirit makes them look to things other women have but they don’t (in terms of appearance).
            They just don’t realize that changing their bodies so much is unappealing and mostly unecessery.

            We should include in this list the changes they make on the face.

            No fake ass, tits or face!!!

  7. poohbia

    #10 yes!

  8. masterken

    Anybody know the names for # 4, 9

  9. luvbooty

    any names for 2 and 7, dayum

  10. Gatsu

    Anyone got a name for 13?

  11. Bonix

    #3 PLEASE!

  12. Contributing
    • botd

      15 is the same as 1.

      • GSAgent89

        15. pic Tiffany Cappotelli….
        I love that girl…once marry her 😀

        • Contributing

          Thank you for the verification. She looks a lot thicker in some of her Insta & Tumblr photos – a little thinner in others (it threw me off). Always curvy none-the-less! 😉

          • poohbia

            I think that pic is old, but i could be wrong

          • more please

            just turned 21.. only gonna get thicker.. yes thicker..

  13. Alf

    #10 a perfect 10: bitch can cook too with a phat zat ass… A nigga luuuhh that

    • JD

      Why does #10 have Windex on the counter? Hope she not trying to poison a brother!

  14. Al Bundy

    Names needed for 8 & 11

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