13 Responses to Ai Sayama Tease and Lap Dance

  1. bowinkle

    I’m also very interested in a video link.

  2. Fredrik

    Can someone send the link to the video plz? Man she’s hot!

  3. justin

    which movie is this?

  4. Bootox

    Agree. It is hard to find real wild asian on these videos. On the other hand, they do well on the fetish side.

  5. Bootox

    Maybe I am wrong, but there is something about the camera lens that helps the “boot effect”…

  6. iheartbutts

    man… japanese chicks with phat asses who cant move sexily. that fuckin sucks man. LOL.

  7. squidhunter


    Spectacular as Always BOTD!

  8. SugarHill

    If it isn’t Asa or J. Bangkok, I find it pointless putting Asian girls on a booty site. To each his own. There happen to be a Brazilian/Asian porn star, once upon a time, that had a triple thick milkshake. I wish I could remember her name.

    • botd

      To each their own, but Asa is the last person that should be on a (big) booty site.

      The only time she was posted here was in this post, and it wasn’t for her booty…


      Okay there was one more, but that was a mistake.

      • Caesar

        Keep up the good work BOTD, this is a great find

      • Taiwatcher

        yeah Asa got a nice bod but her butt is left wanting. http://marrion-av.com/products/iris/mkz018/index.html check the trailers on this site for some thick asians. some these movies are actually released on the net.

        • poohbia

          Ass like that on an asian chick is like seeing a unicorn lol

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