27 Responses to Thick Milfs – Part 4

  1. BLBD1994

    Names for the first three, please.

  2. TangoRiot

    OH MY GOD WHO IS 15 ?!!

  3. Electriwizard

    The perfect combination: a curvy, thick , voluptuos woman and MILF. Thanks BOTD!!! This is the reason your’e my favorite website. I couldn’t help getting a bulge in my pants. Keep up the great work.

  4. Trunkjunk

    Who is 9 ? Fuck dem some curves to lick on

  5. JJ

    Someone know who 6 and 13 are? 6 has a killer ass, and 13 is gorgeous. Help me out boys! I need more!!!

  6. jaymak

    Number 2…..ethered….

  7. Kreutzenauer

    Really great stuff! Keep it coming, BOTD.

    #1 is Adele Stephens, #7 is Cikita.


    who is 15? Thanks! These are all great 🙂

  9. Bootox

    Oh man! I love milfs with bodies like this. Numbers 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 14 (too many!) are outstanding…

  10. Taiwatcher

    http://i.4cdn.org/gif/1410844905656.webm posting this so botd can get this on the front page.

    • VanHelsing

      Wow…that is one lucky Asian guy!

    • JackHammer

      Who’s this girl and where the full videos?

    • Bootox

      Great! Nice asian boot! More info about the girl?

      • Taiwatcher


        • Nicebutt

          What’s the Asian girl’s name… what a body.. …….

          • newt

            Shiori Tsukada

    • botd

      Thanks, I’ll try to dl the movie and maybe find a scene.

      • Taiwatcher

        pretty sure the movie is up on javjunkies. another good one is on there too with http://www.akiba-online.com/attachments/h_618mkz028pl-jpg.225240/ Tomomi Motozawa elegant scrumptious rump too.

        • newt

          Yes Tomomi does have a fantAsstic behind, not that many movie from her yet, hope to see more solo works. Any more JAV newcomer with that kinda booty?

          Love the retired Nao Ayukawa aas well, I think she is the bubble butt queen so far in JAV. But so many good asses in JAV now too..

  11. R

    2,6,7 or 9? Any names or source

  12. Spungn

    BOTD…not sure if u remember me saying this the last “thick milf” segment, but – KEEP THE THICK MILFS COMIN!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • botd

      True. I’ll try to do some type of video compilation someday.

      • Spungn

        Ya, not trying to be bossy or rush u dood, my bad. I just get all fukn crazy when I see milfs…..then u bring ou the thick milfs!!!! It’s like a shot of kryptonite with a kryptonite chaser!!!!

  13. Roy

    Outstanding…each and everyone….outstanding!

  14. BSD

    Friends –

    Makes my loins ache.


  15. Jason

    #11 IS DEVON LEE.

    • John

      Truly a favorite of mine!!!
      Did she retire???

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