20 Responses to More Iskra Lawrence Instagram Pics

  1. Chico

    I agree with basik but, This time I think something really strange happened here, either the pics are photoshpd or something wierd. She had no whips and suddenly, paf! Wtf????

  2. Basik914

    She could have just gained weight. People underestimate how much women’s bodies change naturally. My girl was tall and skinny through high school and college. She naturally got thick in her mid 20s

  3. botd

    Personally I’m like 80% / 20% that it’s all natural.

  4. naughtynuff4u

    damn i have seen photoshops that looks real than that.

  5. realreal

    Oh fuck she’s a big fake, dammit. I hate this era of surgery i’m tired of this.

  6. bootox

    Yeah, she’s fake. But still a pretty and hot girl. Some nights of love with this one wouldn’t hurt anyone, I say.

  7. lolman

    Fake or not fake i’ll fuck the shit out of her!!!

  8. 87168

    Eh, you can just tell natural curves from artificial.

  9. Mr. Plow

    She’s hot as hell, but the surgery does bum me out.

  10. zay

    yeah shes definitely had surgery. smh Im so sick of all these fake broads.

    check this out if you dont believe it


    • Poohbia

      You’re not the only one tired of these fake broads, most are obvious as hell too, looks all cartoony

    • yea

      What a disappointment

  11. Joetuss

    If you google her pics from a couple years ago you’ll see she’s been surgically enhanced. I was ready to love this woman too…she still looks good though but knowing it aint natural kinda takes away from her

    • tyler

      I don’t think that necessarily means that she’s had surgery. She looks skinnier in that picture and her hips weren’t as wide. And she puts in a lot of work in the gym, always posting vids of her doing squats on insta and snapchat.

      • iceman8069

        I agree…the pic of her smaller was old…she could be natural…it’s hard to tell if she’s not…I believe she just may be natural…either way,I’m plowing the shit outta her!

        • zay

          there is no way you can build a body like that in the gym

  12. iceman8069

    Man..she is so fuckin bad! I’m not pulling out!

    • naughtynuff4u

      yeah you’re pulling out…then in and then out.

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