19 Responses to Lift That Skirt Up

  1. callofbooty

    This is nice…very nice. Looks solid too. Shout out to the dude who mentioned that Mandy muse chick…wow

  2. Douche Baggins

    That is TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT… in the bottom clip, look at the dude’s leg, it looks fucking broken it’s so far out of what from the fisheye lens. Her ass is nowhere near that fine and bubbly, it’s all camera trickery. Fuck that shit!

    • C.A.

      I see what you’re saying (based on that clip alone), but I’ve seen the video and you’re not seeing what you think you’re seeing. Watch the video and you’ll see there’s a natural explanation for his leg and her butt.

  3. Yamakazy

    DAT ASS ! yummy 😀

  4. mee(a)t

    She got bigger

  5. TheCoolDude
  6. CJAy

    Glad she gain a lil weight back,, she was getting to skinny and was a big turn off, on her last videos.. hate when big booty porn stars loose weight.. it ruins that booty…glad she looks thick and healthy again,,,

    • I like booties.

      I totally concur with you.

  7. Chaos

    Oh my gosh that angle! HNNNNNNNNNG

  8. scum666

    Christ!!! Can she get any hotter? Apparently so

  9. I like booties.

    Hey BOTD, check out Mandy Muse. WOW! She got a 43 inch booty!

    • Bootyman96

      Yeah that chick on teamskeet who’s Brazilian and already got two scenes and is 19. Yeah I saw the clips but not the full scenes, LINKS PLEASE?!

    • Bootyman96

      Big booty yo!

      • I like booties.


  10. bigswole

    folks need stop crying about everything being unnatural. its getting excessive. this chick is a regular old cornfed white thoroughbred, clear as day.

  11. blackfrost

    she is super hott, need to add her to my favorite list

  12. Bootyman96

    I was just looking up her scenes just now. Great she did a new one for BangBros.

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