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  1. DG

    she’s looking better these days, did she get booty shots or something???
    Dani Daniels said she went to brazil for some (her latest backroom facials scene) i thought she was all natural xD but who cares she’s fine as hell.
    theres a lot of girls getting their booties fixed (bigger) like Mellanie Monroe, Nikki Benz, Kagney Lee Carter, Breanne Benson, and I think Gracie did too?

    • botd

      I don’t know, haven’t seen anything recent from her (Gracie). If she did, I hope it at least looks natural.

      Last one I saw of Dani was The Whore of Wall Street, looked pretty natural to me.

      Mellanie’s ass looked big enough and fine enough before imo.

      • DG

        gracie’s scene with BWB’s came out today and i really like her newer ass it looks good to me
        yeah dani still looks natural, but she has had something done to her body (from what i heard on a bangbros scene: backroom facials)
        And im with you on that thought about Mellanie, i wanted her to start doing anal because she had the ass! and then she got a bigger ass and started doing anal i dont mind the new ass at all though

  2. PawgFan

    Finally some Gracie Glam

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