5 Responses to Cuban Curves

  1. blackfrost

    another great girl destine to become a star on my computer. good stuff

  2. Desipimp

    Angelina Castro is dope! The video with her banging that dude in the MMA cage is one of my alltime favorites!

  3. Jay

    Nice post man! It seems like Castro goes pretty buck wild with her videos in the right way, man that’s some nice shit right there haha; cheers!

    • botd

      Tru. Wish her titties were real tho. Well they don’t look great, but they don’t look that bad either.

      Make sure you check out the full video if you haven’t already. She looks pretty good getting banged up from the back.

      • Jay

        Most definitely did haha, and yeah they aren’t all that bad, but the real presentation is always a preference, even if the fake are appealing still regardless.

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