Glasses and Fishnet


The nerdy slutty look. My kinda girl. Thick too. Can’t forget that.

Click the button for the video loop.

Her Tumblr and Shakinit with a lot more stuff. And video loop via

And a shorter gif here.

10 Responses to Glasses and Fishnet

  1. Amante de las Curvas

    Vaya curvas!!

  2. Dab

    A thick, nerd look with big tits. Don’t see much of that.

  3. redshadow

    like spungn said…..WE WANT MORE lol

  4. Bee

    I like this one better!

  5. Spungn

    PLEASE more of this chick!!!!!!!!

  6. botd

    No problem Brent. Guys which gif is better, the one here, or the one on Tumblr.

    The Tumblr one is a simple booty pop. This one I did like this because I heard a beat in my head. Baboom Baboom Baboom Tap. Maybe I’m just high and it’s not as good as I originally thought.

    • Spungn

      Ur rite. This is better. I heard that beat too!

    • LolOrDie

      Dat artistic fiber in you must be contagious. Or maybe I’m high too; love that beat…

  7. Brent

    Thx for posting this!

  8. redshadow

    this is one hot girl. i have a few videos of her but looking to find more

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