18 Responses to Selfie in a Sling

  1. Pin2

    That is Elisha Jade — More here http://dai.ly/xjkcci

  2. Destella416

    charmszie_ on ig

  3. jWILL253

    That lowkey look like Charlie Sweets…

  4. DR. E

    Right click-save-New tab-Google.com-image search…That’s all it takes for 80% of these uploads

    • n

      no shit Sherlock

      • botd

        A lot of people don’t know tho.

        An easier way is right click, Copy Image URL in Chrome or Copy Image Location in Firefox, and paste the link into Image Search. There’s an even easier way (with a Chrome extension?) where you can just right click and select “Search Google for this Image.”

  5. Neto

    This only reminds me how bad I need to visit a strip club again very soon. Hunt, capture, Lap dance, then private room…yeaa mmmhn the shit that goes down in private rooms when supplied the extra money.

  6. Guy

    excuse di horrible typin, was kinda excited there

    • Neto

      Lmao 🙂

  7. Guy

    U kno wah di BEST part about dis site….Its NOT di booty…its di fact dat, no matter which random ass B is posted on dis site, n everyone tinks dey cnt find her pics… some dude always pops up n finds her instragram or tumblr or sumn.. all i can say is ryt now..Thank you N…thank u

    • botd

      tru that’s teamwork

  8. blackfrost

    the thing with selfshot is it’s really really hard to get a name as 9 times out of 10 they are random people posting stuff or an exbf pissed off so they throw all their ex pictures up. with some of them if you find their name, then you can find where they live lol. also some of them are on my freewebcams. and people take screen shots and post it all over tumblr, xhampster, xnxx, etc.

  9. Ass Man

    The definition of a Heart Shaped Ass……

    • Neto

      Agreed most definitely

  10. mike

    who the hell is this? OMG. She is probably a stripper but I must know this woman’s name.

  11. Boooty freak

    I like!

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