73 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 28

  1. Devotee

    First & last ! Name plz

  2. Joe

    Can someone please tell me who number 1 is,I am dying to know her name.

  3. Kevin

    Still no luck on the last girl’s name?

    • daniel

      Her name is hannah

      • Kevin

        Woulda been a little more helpful if you gave a full name or insta/tweet @…There’s a few other million Hannahs in the world you know.

  4. M

    Hey @BOTD help us out please!!! We all wanna know the name to #2…

    • botd

      Not sure. There’s a lot of search experts here, so if they can’t find it, then I probably can’t either. Only thing I could tell you is to look through the Instagram list on the following link, but not sure about that either…


  5. Ktaylor

    Who is #12 with the leg up??!?!?!? Damn

  6. AllTime

    Who is this big tit lady

  7. MRAW

    WHO IS #12?!?!?!?!?!

  8. JJ

    #1, 2, 13, 15 & 16 i need in my life!

  9. anaddw

    #6 has youtube videos. Just search up PAWG shake and you should so like 10 of her doing it.

  10. Ahmet the Mountain Climber

    Is that last lady even real (or photoshop)? This requires source for more pics, please! D A A Y U U M M.

    • botd

      That’s what I’m saying. Wish I knew who she was, but it doesn’t appear to be Photoshopped.

  11. Jay

    Im trying to get xebonix videos of Chelsea Folk. Her instagram is st0lenl0ve and her vine is Chelsea Folk. On xebonix she goes by Austin Breezy. This is a preview.


    Anyone got any full videos?

    • botd

      It might be this girl right here…




      Protip: Always check the comments on tube sites.

    • botd

      Oh shit I didn’t even realize your link was a video until now when I clicked it.

      Yep that’s her.

      Here’s another gif set of her.


      Yeah I know, nobody cares about gifs, just videos. But I always have to try to promote older posts. Anyway the video to those gifs was removed from Xhamster.

  12. Paxton

    I want to see more of 5 and 6

  13. resevoir_dog

    feeling #9

  14. rahul sharma

    can anyone help me finding any images/videos for this chick:

    • botd

      I don’t know, but it looks like it was Photoshopped, cause whoever did it left evidence. That’s just a wild guess tho cause I don’t know about that stuff.

      Does anybody know who this is?

  15. Jay

    Anyone know who 1, 3, 7 and 10 are?

  16. DG

    can someone id #11?

  17. MK200

    I’ve been fucking wit this site for a good lil while now. Love it and very appreciative for what you do but it kinda feels like your lowkey racist sometimes or at least neglectful of brown skin women in general. But again i like the overall concept of this site.

  18. KingJ

    #4 is Winter Pierzina from YouTube, your welcome

  19. dayum

    http://www.worldstarcandy.com/candy/46163 extra content for the juju lovers out there!

  20. Yeah

    Ah got it, 8 is jujuBOOM forreals. Good match haha!

  21. Maxwell

    Botd loving fat bitches Lol

    • botd

      Hells yeah I love fat booty, fat titty, fat-thighed girls over masculine looking, little-boy-lookalike sickly looking scrawny chicks. Easiest choice ever. I like my women to look like women.

      • KingJ

        My n**ga lol!

      • Spungn

        That’s my dawg!! (In Smokey’s voice)

  22. X

    who’s the one with all the tattoos??

  23. Fam

    You’re not crazy…that’s one shapely BBW! I’d fuck the shit outta her

  24. M

    #2 please!!!!!

  25. bootydude

    #7 looks like Dominican Poison. She has a few videos on WSHH and cams on MFC as mizzissy. Can’t tell for sure if its her or not

    • E

      She actually has a picture on twitter of her in that same outfit. the catch is that she doesn’t have braces on. Sooooo. there is another bad ass chick out there who looks like her.

      • Douche Baggins

        Nah, that’s Izzy aka DP, for sure. Nobody else that short and that packing… braces or not, that’s her.

        • botd

          True, it’s Dominican Poison, I got it from her Twitter.

  26. digbick

    1 & 7 pleeeeeease

  27. NoWay

    #9 where did that one come from? Name?

  28. blackfrost

    i love friends, no only cause it’s the gateway to the weekend, but BOTD give us some great pics at the end of the week. here here!!!

    • botd

      Cheers dude. Was gonna ask you to thank me by signing up to Bangbros or RK or something through one of our links. But I don’t need to tell Blacklfrost that, cause I’m sure Blackfrost has done that already, cause my main man and good friend Blackfrost always does the right thing to keep his friends off the street.

      (Trying to make you feel guilty. Hope it worked.)

      • Harry Dick

        Sorry dude I’d canceled my banghoes subs…since they’ve started implementing blackfrost. To bad nothing last forever, it would be nice to back to 2009. Back then butt implants where to expensive for all these crack whores.

    • botd

      I think I start off too many of my comments with the phrase “The funny thing is”…

      But anyway, the funny thing is, you guys are the ones who should be signing up to porn to try to help me out. But no, instead of that, I’m the one who helps you guys out by signing up to porn sites every week to provide new material.

      Yeah that’s the real reason. To help everybody out. Not to masturbate.

  29. Horny Tom

    Number 1 and 7 please.

    I’m with you on the last one. I would smash that and then kick her out of my room when I’m done lol. “Fat bitches need love too Craig” – Friday. Lol

  30. recreativeguy

    And who is #17 please?

  31. Jason

    who are #1, 7, 12 & 15?

  32. Chammastakilla

    “Call me crazy, but I’d smash the hell out of that last one”

    …Yeah, I’m with you.

    • Yeah

      Amen. I think this post has enlightened my Friday.

    • daniel

      the last one is my exwife her name is hannah

    • daniel

      shes all real and a beast in the bed

  33. lolman

    We need name and more pics of #6.

    • Yeah

      I needs to know 1,7 and 17. I think 8 is juju but I’m not too certain.

        • poohbia

          That ass is so fake lol.

          Damn girl atleast make it look believable

          • botd

            It’s not up to her tho, it’s up to her doctor, ya know?

            Also, I could be wrong about this next thing, and correct me if I’m wrong, but unless you can show me a thin girl with fake ass or titties that look real, personally I think ALL assjobs and boob jobs look fake until the girl gains some weight afterwords to cover it up.

          • botd

            Unless nowadays they came out with a take-home do-it-yourself assjob kit.

            Hmm that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Who wants to be partners?

            Nah nevermind, I don’t wanna be responsible for more fake asses.

          • DG

            naaaa m8 look at asa, she’s thin and tiny and she got a boob job that fits her body type. she didnt go overboard like many girls with fake tiddies or asses, look at fucking klhoe kardashian that ass looks fake ass hell and it is even worse on her little sister kylie jenner. YES this looks real as fuck https://bossip.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/0709-kim-kardashian-splash-credit-e1298566780218.jpg?w=523&h=489

          • botd

            Haha. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I gotta claim ignorance on Kim’s ass. Okay maybe I’m like 50/50, but it does look slightly wider than normal towards the top of it, and her legs look a bit thin for it, so yeah those are both signs. That’s if that pic is real tho, cause there’s a lot of sonsofbitches on the web that always like to alter images and trick us.

            Regarding Asa, okay yeah, maybe those tits could pass off as real to most people, but I bet she was even thinner when she first got them.

          • botd

            Also, I mean I’m no expert on hooters, but I don’t think natural breasts ever look perfectly round like that. I think there should be at least a small amount of droop.

      • daniel

        17 is named hannah

        • Mitch

          More info?

    • lolman

      Day 236. I’m still waiting for name or a link of #6.

    • lolman

      Day 236. I’m still waiting for name or a link of #6.

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