13 Responses to Japanese Bubble Booty

  1. Brownhornet22

    Judging from her pre-shop pics, her ass is nice enough without the need for a touch up.

  2. newt

    TM is my new fav JAV gal. Trying to find all her movies.

    Haven’t been keeping tabs on gravure collecting world for so long. Wonder if Graphis or any big names gravure done her set. I better not start tho. I am retired. ^^”

  3. foams

    Does no one appreciate the thick ass Asians that are being posted? I need more content of this nature.

    • Caesar

      You and me both my dude

    • Beans

      Same here.

  4. poohbia
    • newt

      Thanks for your find! ^^

  5. Caesar

    Yooo is that Tomomi Motozawa?

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