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  1. Bootox

    Strange to say, but she looks prettier without all that make up. On the other post of her she had more natural look (face)…just to add.

  2. Bootox

    Her body is amazing, so sexy! She is the kind of actress that I like (that enjoy riding). Hey BOTD, why did she wasn’t on the 2014 booty of the year? I didn’t knew her, because if I did she would be on my top five of choose…

  3. 843bigred

    Spanish women sexy as hell and she’s the next star. She has a bangin body

  4. poohbia
  5. Pete

    Name is to the right people…..”tagged”

  6. GreG

    her name??

  7. c bones

    Who is this girl?

  8. alphamale32

    she is my early vote for booty of the year 2015 lol

  9. Bubba

    WTF could do without cockfest!

    • botd

      This is a porn site for adults.

      • Nick

        I never understood this mindset. ts it like a fear of the penis changing your sexuality? All i know is that dude has a bomb ass dick. Chicks love pretty dicks. Cock beauty matters more than size or girth.

        • botd

          The majority of guys that watch porn like to imagine themselves in the position of the guy in the scene. That’s the point of this post.

          Some young dude whose comment wasn’t approved said this post was gay. The fuck? Since when is a porn scene of a hot GIRL giving a guy a blowjob/lickjob considered gay?

          • Beans

            You hit the nail on the head. i thought all guys did that, it’s what I do. Honestly when I watch porn the guy in the scene doesn’t even exist. it’s not the guy I’m looking at lol.

          • Marshall

            Western man are all lacking testosterone . This is why the scene appeals to them. We are territorial and no bitch sucking on someone else will ever be a turn on period. If you can find an excuse otherwise, view this scene in person. Then comment on your experience. Tell yo mamy!

          • botd

            Last time I checked, porn was the most popular thing on the planet, even in your Eastern country. I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation. In other news, the sky is blue and two and two make four.

          • Bubba

            You know your post sucks cock when you have to rationalize your reasons for posting it.
            No hommos here bro!

          • botd

            1. People still act like their personal opinion is the end all be all and equals absolute truth. I don’t go by 1 or 2 opinions or comments, I go by the stats and the charts.
            2. Being scared of porn and visiting a porn site is like being a vegetarian and going to Mcdonalds.
            3. You do realize that this is like the five thousandth gif/loop I posted of a girl and a guy doing things that grownups do?
            4. A porn scene showing a girl sucking/licking a guy’s dick is the complete opposite of homo, but it does bring out the people that are insecure in their own masculinity and unsure of their heterosexuality.
            5. Here’s another one from the How To series and is one of the most popular posts on this site, pretty similar to this one except for the perspective. //bootyoftheday.co/2013/07/16/how-to-give-a-blowjob/ Don’t watch it tho if you’re insecure, you might turn gay.
            6. Yes I like to rationalize cause… well that’s another six reasons.

          • Pete


            Why even try to explain it bro ?? The way I see it, the fellas having issues with these kind of things are the ones trying to either fight off the fact that they are gay or insecure with who they are. I’ve been on many of porn sets and none of us have had this issue. Simple solution people, stop looking at straight porn and simply switch to cam girls or lesbian action

          • botd

            True. Sometimes it’s no fun to say “If you don’t like this particular post, wait for another one or just go to another site” … but yeah you’re right.

          • Nick

            BOTD Laying Down The Hammer!

        • ( * )( * )

          I don’t wanna hear about how beautiful someone’s dick is…
          that’s pretty gay in my book

  10. big booty obsesion
  11. Hornytom

    Can anyone tell me who this is?

    Keep up the good work botd.
    Always getting blue balls at work cus of you lol

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