28 Responses to Blondie Fesser Does Interracial

  1. BootyFreak

    Sorry, but something about that ass doesn’t look right. But still, any man, black, white, whatever, is given the opportunity to get ass like that, is suppose to knock the bottom out of it. Drill that mother! Damn!

  2. Pete

    Good to see her with a brotha again BUT this scene was mediocre at best. I want a scene where someone just fuck the shit outta that ass

    On another note, BOTD, appreciate you brotha for always keeping me/us in the loop of new scenes.

    • poohbia

      Thats what I’m saying

      Wake me up when she gets at Slayer or Lex

      • Pete

        Lex NEEDS to hit that……like you said, wake me up once she jumps in a scene with him

        • simneo

          Justin Slayer would destroy her though. I mean no homo but when he does girls it’s a good fuck period.

  3. ilovemesomebooty

    Her ass is ofcourse the star of this scene. But the performance is absolutely horrendous. Only nacho vidal has had the abillity to tap that ass properly. She was actually enjoying herself. This one on the other hand… seemed fake.

    Another missed opportunity.

    • Pete

      Agreed !! I think Nacho went at it like, “I really want to fuck her. Fuck the money”

  4. bootox

    If I’m not mistaken, Fesser already did an IR scene.

    Despite that, I think it was not a bad scene but it could be better, certainly.

  5. realreal

    this was a seriously awful video 🙁

  6. Mr. 30 mins

    Are ya happy now? Good, now stop crying about her not doing interracial.

    • Naughtynuff4u

      Lol right? People should be looking at her ass but instead bitching about her not doing sufficient IR scenes

      • Mr. 30 mins

        I’m black myself and I don’t care about that lol. Just be thankful she’s fucking period, and not just some cock tease cam model or all girl performer.

        • naughtynuff4u

          lol that’s exactly right.

        • ilovemesomebooty

          I will be happy once she makes a good scene. None of these so called “porn actors” can tap that ass right. Except for nacho vidal. Now that is a scene you have to see for yourself. You’ll truely witness her enjoying herself.

          All i want to see is her getting properly fucked in doggystyle and prone bone. The camera man makes it or breaks it.

    • Maurice Howard
    • RookieTime123

      Idc about what color dude she bangs just as long as the guy gets great reactions from her. She can bang a blue man just as long as shes moaning and getting destroyed.

  7. Zorken

    WOOOOWWWWWW her ass is even fatter now.. it has grown to the point of developing fat rolls between her thighs and her asscheeks!

    Although… I don’t know if that could be an evidence of ass implants. I really hope that’s not the case because it would make absolutely zero sense to do that.

    • Naughtynuff4u

      Those fat rolls gives her a 2nd ass illusion.

      • Zorken

        yep lol!

      • Asstrobootyologist

        No lie! Lmao

    • Pete

      Don’t think she has implants

  8. loveemthick

    black man to black man I’m highly disappointed in this niggas performance in hitting that fat ass from the back . .once again another wasted scene with the absolute most bootyful white girl in porn smfh! like do any of these guys know how to fuck a fat ass?

  9. loveemthick
    • RandomName101

      Thank you so much 😮

  10. recreativeguy

    I don’t think she really is getting thicker. I see butt and boobs implants. Again.

    • Ozz

      Yeah, now her ass is just starting to look weird. Hate seeing these porn stars that already have great bodies messing themselves up so much with operations and such.

  11. realreal

    she’s getting thicker daamnn

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