24 Responses to Left or Right

  1. That_dude

    …yea Ima have to get both

  2. Sean Ghetto

    As my nigga YG says. Hit them with that Left, Right.

  3. Willie Beamon

    After much deliberation…I’m going with the LEFT!

  4. Janos

    Yes one won’t be enough for all my pleasure spots.. I support all bi-girls. Yes!

  5. Shaolin

    Both can get some Vitamin D. Prescription issued by Dr. Shaolin.

  6. scum666

    Fuck that!!! I’d take ’em, both but if I had to choose it’d be Stephy C (left)

  7. Al Bundy

    I love me shorter girls. So left for me.

  8. Skione

    Tough choice but I say right and you should have a poll module so we can see the results

  9. Bootyman96

    I like these chicks already I say both.

  10. poohbia

    Chick on the left is Stephy C


    Chick on the left is Jessica Vaugn


    Id go with Stephy

    • poohbia

      Chick on the right* is Jessica Vaugn

      • Bootyman96

        Great research homie

    • scum666


  11. John

    Shorter one on LEFT!!!

  12. Spungn

    Ya, I gotta agree wid iceman…..why limit urself to just one?!?!?! BOTH!!!!!

    • iceman8069

      *thumbs up*

  13. E


  14. bigswole


  15. cinstar

    Imma go left love that country prom queen look

  16. Bo_bise86

    Umm… how me in between.

  17. Jason

    Right! Because I am right handed. & she has more ass! Um… Mr. BOTD man… could you like find more PAWG girl please? Thanks so much.

  18. Reddogg760

    I’ll take the middle

  19. iceman8069


    • Urs

      this is easy about as trying to choose one of these chicks to give you a blowjob or the other two fuch you

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