19 Responses to Spicy J on the Playground

  1. Chaos

    That ass is really tasty…

  2. unknown

    link for the video? anyone.

  3. Janos

    Sweet thanks dude. Yell

  4. mee(a)t
  5. Bootyman96

    She is still the best cam girl ever!

  6. naughtynuff4u

    this website should have a “like” button. the girl on the left of my comment is marcy diamond. you should post photos of her.

  7. Chukou


  8. yea

    Her body is much better since she got the butt and breast implants (I could be wrong). She did do a couple videos with bangbros but she didn’t get fucked in them though.

    • C.A.

      I don’t think the butt is fake.

    • bigswole

      dat a$$ real homie. mother nature. rice n beans. colombia.

    • Reizo_420

      She became stacked after she got kids, she was always skinny and took a break from the exotic stuff. She came back with a bang.

  9. MilwT

    She can do no wrong!

  10. bigswole

    these sites need to stop playin and just offer her a ton of money to go all out. she hella bad.

    • 843bigred

      That ass looks soooo good

      • Willie Beamon


  11. realreal

    she still hasn’t made porn?

    • Bubba

      This bicth is sick. All she needed was to feast on a sausage and alot of meatballs. Porn that, bannedbros suck.

  12. blackfrost

    how come that never happened when i was playing on the playground lol

  13. Bootyman96

    Spicy J is nuts but gotta love her for taking risk lol

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