9 Responses to Chase Making Waves

  1. TheCoolDude
  2. blackfrost

    damn it BOTD, you are going to make me buy another harddrive if you keep posting these nice asses everyday lol. keep up the good work man

  3. Taiwatcher

    i was hoping Chase would make it on here. I remember her first on the bangbus. She was actually one of the few girls i seen them i actually leave then go back for. Her ass is too ridonkulous to leave stranded.

    • C.A.

      I hope that Bang Bus episode was 100% staged ’cause otherwise I’m confused as hell: two strangers have unprotected sex immediately after meeting each other; the girl agrees to do another video after being kicked out of a van half-naked in the middle of nowhere?

      And if it’s staged then I don’t understand the entertainment value of giving that impression, especially when a woman is kicked out.

      Rant over.

      • Taiwatcher

        yeah, it’s all staged

  4. realreal

    finally assparade has a hot new chick.

  5. Aalim

    Happy Labor Day!

  6. Carlos

    Dear BOTD Boss,
    I fucking love you and enjoy every fucking night with you, please stay the same for ever!!!!

    With tons of love,
    your german fan!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This guy!

    At first I thought the headline read “making whales.” Nevertheless, that’s definitely a pawg.

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