16 Responses to How to Ride the D – Part 3

  1. TIM W

    That’s a Damn good women right there!!!

  2. Wayne Rooney
    • GreenPowerRanger

      that ass belongs to Kelly Divine my friend

      • Wayne Rooney

        what scene/movie was the gif from?

        • Jay

          i think it’s the one with lex steele. btw rooney you should practice on your crosses. A lot

  3. Willie Beaman
    • bigswole

      damn, good lookin out!

      • Willie Beamon

        No doubt bro

  4. T'$haun

    Black girls do it better”

  5. bigswole

    man, ish like that ain’t even fair. she’s a monster throwin ko’s like es nada.

  6. Brent

    Damn her ass throwin punches!

  7. iceman8069

    Good God almighty…I would’ve erupted quick as hell!

  8. That_dude

    Damn she got mad skills! I wouldn’t have lasted long with that ride

  9. Bootyman96

    Savannah fox is great in slow-mo. She’s doing a lot of stuff now and she squirts a lot which is great.

  10. Al Bundy

    Not as good as the 1st & 2nd, but it was good enough to get hard on.

    • bigswole

      It’s a close call with #1, but def better than #2. That cheek to cheek oscillation move is far advanced.

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