15 Responses to Leather Shorts Booty

  1. Jack Reach Around

    Just auto blend my cock into that pink tight asshole. Bend over girls and stop your bitchen.

  2. botd

    Some people don’t like the Photoshops. For others, it’s their favorite thing on this site.

    • Hulk Smash

      IMO, once I fap to a big ol’ booty, & find out out its ‘shopped, I dont fap it to it again. So DEAL with it fappers, that’s life on BoTD.

      • botd

        I hearya. Some people are like that. Other people can use their imagination and get past that. Which is why the people that like to act like they know more than everybody else are actually ruining it for other people. But I gotta approve their comments anyway cause fuck it.

        I got a few other things to say, but I’ll leave it till next time. Which will probably be soon cause people love to act like they know.

  3. Al Bundy

    Totally random here but is that Walter Bishop from Fringe on the right? LOLOLOLOL

    On a more important note. Dat ass… Until you realize it’s photoshopped ;( Don’t get me wrong. I love a good ass. However I don’t like being misled. Getting implants is one thing. I guess a hit and miss there. But altering a photo is a flat out slap on the balls. Not cool. Lol.. But hey, whatever. Ass is ass i guess.

    • botd

      Dude what world are you living in? In that case, every single image you see is a lie and your balls must hurt all the time.

      Here, let’s play a game. What if I told you this wasn’t Photoshopped?

      • Al Bundy

        I’m well aware of how photoshopped most images today are. This is why when I see one I don’t care much for it. If this photo wasn’t altered I’d say holy shit look at dat ass. Since I know it Is. I would just say cool beans and move on.

        • botd

          Edit: I’m retracting this comment.

          • E

            Does it really matter that its shopped? I mean lets be real. These pictures are for pleasure/entertainment or whatever you do with them. Why bother looking though if all your gonna do is “Oh no its photoshopped”. It’s 2014 60% of women are fake whether it be physical or mental so does it even matter at this point if they’re altered or not.

  4. shaft

    Booo…. photoshopped

    • botd

      There are two types of people in this world. Those who give a shit, and those who don’t.

      • iceman8069

        Lmaoo…that was great botd!

    • poohbia

      For anyone whos interested

      Original: http://i.imgur.com/JtIUAW3.jpg

    • Janos

      You must be some sad lonely fuck. Open your mouth one more time thats it my cock will make it all better.

      • shaft

        Please stop projecting your latent homosexual fantasies towards me and just come out already

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