Ass for Laughs

Dudes getting trolled with some ass. They would’ve been funnier if I left the laugh sound track on, but getting pranked like that is no laughing matter.

5 Responses to Ass for Laughs

  1. ILL Phil

    I wish someone would play that joke on me

  2. azzloco

    If this happened to me I would whip my cock out. Then I would be the one laughing.

    • Cook

      Lol. Word, Loco!

  3. Gman3009

    I wish all your videos had sound, is there a way you can do that?

    • botd

      Reason I take out the sound is because I rearrange the scenes, so the original sound track gets all broken up. I’d have to put my own sound in, that would flow with the video, which would take too long.

      Also, the videos start automatically, and I don’t think people like to visit a website where sound just starts playing.

      I’ll do one this week or next with a hot track somebody sent me. It’ll be like a simple music video with lots of booty shaking, that you can unmute to hear the sound. We’ll see how it comes out.

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