39 Responses to Alexis Texas Real Buttwoman Returns Vids

  1. Swizz

    Amazing how she’s getting bored and her triple B (Big beautiful butt) is controlling the scene

  2. realreal

    I can’t this on any torrent or porn site. Porn sites are getting more aggressive against piracy.

  3. poohbia

    I’ll be interested once she takes some BBC

  4. Goldy

    Top 5 DOA; Naomi Russell, Luanna, Darlene, Alexis Texas, and whomever you all feel for the fifth slot. By the way, it has been confirmed that she dates the brothers. Oh and one more thing, in Ryan Smiles two most recent videos she looks as if her ass deflated. So, she cannot fuck with Alexis looks like she added about 10 to 15 pound of good phat, from that bangbros video a few months back.

    • RasTrent

      Bruh….. I haven’t seen anything except clips from that newish Industry Invaders scene, but dat ass does not look deflated to me.

      Evidence – https://www.instagram.com/p/BAliPY-Oc0X/

      • Goldy


        So, you do not see the difference in this pic and the others? When she bends over or arches her back, of course, she gives the illusion of having a bigger ass than Alexis, but it looks like Ryan is pumping that ass up. She definitely has huge hips, though. You remember how errybody was on Savannah Fox, but slowly her ass withered away; e.g. her seen with Mandingo vs. the one wear she is wearing that catwoman mask an her ass looks on a whole notha level. I am a true ass enthusiast, bro, I can see them fakes from a mile away. I mean, girls like Anikka Albrite, Mia Malkova, and Kelly Divine.

    • bootox

      This is a good list, mate!

      Naomi, Darlene, Luana and Alexis are really top asses!

      Sadly, Naomi is out and I don’t know about Darlene and Luana.

      Thinking of a fifth position some names come to mind. Certainly, Ryan Smiles would fit the prerequisites. I would dare to think in Sarah Jay, Virgo Peridot, Paige Turnah and Blondie Fesser (doubt on this one, about fake or not).

      Also, would like to make to honorable mentions with Remy Lacroix (I love this girl!! And now she’s “improved”) and Rose Divine (not a porn actress but an ass to remember for life).

  5. realreal

    eternal favorite since my teen years ahaha. Its jsut too sad that she still doesn’t go black on camera.

  6. dude

    I sure hope there’s no anal in it. I can’t be turned on by a sex act that homosexuals also engage in or else my alpha maleness may come into question.

    • Udderman

      They’re not homosexuals for anal on a female. You kiss girls right!! But don’t kiss guys. Okay, so you going in a girls ass and not a guy’s right!! Co’mon man, not homosexual at all.

      • Shysti

        lol right, never understood that silly logic. Anal with a woman is fantastic, shit is super tight, and your dick is surrounded by those bubble cheeks. Why wouldn’t you want to do that. If you’re too busy thinking about homosexuals then that says more about you than anything else.

        • dude

          You just crossed the line, son.

          • smee

            No, I think he was pretty on point.


    ALEXIS MA FUCKIN TEXAS! Id shoot my bro in tha face to fuck dat bootay

  8. John Enigma

    Hmm. In the recents gifs and video loops, botd says that she has returned. Why?

    How long was she out?


  9. Jacob & Chantel

    anyone has a link to full video?

  10. blackfrost31

    she is very bad. just once again never seen her with a BBC. that makes me sad.

    • Spungn

      If ur talkin bout Alexis Texas, I’m pretty sure she’s filmed a few BBC scenes………I think

      • pluto

        nope not 1 lol
        shes famous for not doing it

        • Jerome

          buds ive def seen a few but i dont give Afuck

          • Shysti

            Nope, not one, she went on record stating it was due to her significant other not wanting her to do it. Whatever.

  11. nate



    probably booty of the year material. best of the best. i need the name of this girl, pliss!!

    • blackfrost31

      who ever she is, now my keyboard is sticky

    • John Enigma

      Wow. I would also love to know who she is, as well. From the looks of it, she looks like she deserves a spot in Bootyoftheaday.co.

    • TheManMex

      i think is Pink_kittyX

    • BootyFreak

      Aw hell yeah! That ASS is big and niiiicce! It needs some serious drillin.

    • Shysti

      lol, I’m in the comments of that video. I took wanted to know who she was!

    • Zeet

      Amen to that!

  12. iceman8069

    I never cared what anyone has ever said about Alexis…I’ve always loved and dreamed about fuckin her senseless!

  13. yabajaba

    Between her and RyanSmiles’ recent returns, I’m gonna have to go with Alexis. Sure Ryan might have a bigger ass, but Alexis seems a bit curvier all around. Ryan was actually camming on Camsoda last night and I gotta say, it was a bit underwhelming. Maybe it was the shitty quality, or just that her scenes are professionally shot and we all know what some camera angle magic does.

  14. buttovertits

    She became thicker 😮 I like it! But it’s kind of a new hype isn’t it?

  15. iheartbutts

    an all time favorite….. shes never looked bad. she always maintain that thickness…. added some here n there but always flawless. she bad. love this bitch.

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