Blondie Fesser Walking

Blondie looooves to walk around the peep show place after work every night and finish off all the customers with some mouth relief.

21 Responses to Blondie Fesser Walking

  1. Xman

    She could sit on my face anytime

  2. big booty obsesion

    Damn she is all naturall ! boobs and booty perfect.. i dont like fake booty and boobs like Lisa ann and others

  3. Maxwell

    Why is everyone calling her a pawg she’s from Argentina therefore she’s latin. Also, who cares if she does interracial or not. I wonder who are the guys who care if she does or doesn’t do interracial, it’s not your dick either way so who cares.

    • Mr.30mins

      Some buffoons can’t just be happy to see her or others take a good pounding period without crying over who’s doing the pounding.

  4. realreal

    she still hasn’t go black? She made a gangbang scene but not even one interracial video? Good lord haha

    Anyway i like her a lot, first contestant for Booty of the Year 2015™

    • Pete

      she has done one

    • Ilovebesomefemalebooty

      She did one interracial scene but the angles were absolute garbage. Blondie fesser’s main quality is her thick booty and they didn’t even show that once!

      Sidenote : I would really like to be a pornstar just to even get a chance to tap that thick booty. Doggystyle and prone bone all day!

      • realreal

        i just saw it and it was total crap, the angles and the dude. Proof that black people are not always good at sex. And the gangbang scene is also shit.

    • Cedric Johnson
  5. Ilovemesomefemalebooty

    Blondie Fesser is definitely a contestant for best booty of 2015. I love her most recent video that she did with someone from bangbros. Excellent scene.

    Is it just me? I can’t jackoff to a gangbang. Too much is going on!

    I much rather prefer a dude fucking her in doggystyle with some nice angles.

    • Bootox

      I agree with you. I think that you can apreciate better the scene with just 2 people in action.

  6. Iluvall

    She just recently shot for Bang Bros

  7. Demetrius

    Fuk yeah she can give me some relief. The customer always cums first!

  8. pawglover

    My early choice for booty of the year. Get more material of this one. Pawg lover for life.

  9. Bootox

    Nice! I like her. Pretty tits too…

    • Beans

      Yeah. I said the same thing. Those tits are real nice! Yum.

  10. poohbia

    This chick looks like fun. I wouldn’t pull out lol

  11. Spungn

    Ya. I’m sooooo in friggin love wid this chick!!! More of this one!!!

  12. Chammastakilla

    DAMN! Probably gonna be my new favorite girl…and these walking videos…damn. Thanks BOTD. You the mvp

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