31 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 24

  1. Rob

    Love the one with the heart!!

  2. Al Bundy

    I’m surprised no one mentioned #2 and #15.

    • W

      Several people did.

    • Ilovebesomefemalebooty

      I hate it when chicks put their instagram profiles on private, it’s understandable though.

      Mr “W” you tha main mvp!

      And Mr “BOTD” could you please share where you get some of these fine ass pictures. Help a brother out, would you?

      Please don’t tell me to google that shit.

      • W

        I spent around 3 hours looking for numbers 2, 6, 10, and 13. I couldn’t find shit so that’d be messed up if he told you to Google it.

        • botd

          Thanks for the work W. If anything, I understand and appreciate it.

          Just as an fyi, whenever somebody posts a lot of links like that, the system holds it up just in case it’s spam. So it might take a little while for me to see and approve it.

          • W

            I’ve noticed. Understandable. I have experience in webmastering so spam is nothing foreign to me. My forums are constantly bombarded with Russian bots trying to sell fake handbags and shoes. It’s weird.

          • botd

            Haha. It’s funny cause I had to pull this comment out of the spam folder cause you used the term “fake handbags” which is on the list of spam phrases to reject. My bad again, but you understand.

      • botd

        Mr. ILBSFB, that’s like asking the Colonel what’s the secret recipe for his fabulous chicken. Nah but there is no ONE particular place I get anything. If there was, then there wouldn’t be any point to make a place myself.

        But to answer your question with a non-answer, in no particular order, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Google, Javlibrary, Piratebay, /r/thick, Xhamster, The Big Ass List, etc.

  3. Jason

    who are #9 #11 #13 & #14

  4. 843bigred

    I want each and everyone of those asses!!!!!

  5. kyle429

    #16 is Kissa Sins.

    • Caesar

      You tha real MVP

  6. ty

    Damn ! I love #2 ! Anyone knows?

  7. Mark

    For all that’s horny….#13 please!

  8. Smackdatass

    recognise the penultimate bitch. Carmen de Luz. Never took it up the ass though

    • Yeah

      Oh, Believe me, SHE HAS! You should know, watch the video “Planet Ass” featuring Brook Lee Adams…I remember the day it came out, I was too damn happy.

      • DG

        i dont remember anal in that scene…..

      • Horny Tom

        Yup, no anal in that video.

        • Smackdatass

          Agreed. Have watched that scene too. She hasn’t done many scenes since. No way that ass is real though

    • DG

      anyone know where she cams? are the some videos of her? CDL

  9. poohbia

    Its a shame most of these chicks arent real. The implants are getting ridiculous
    #1,3,8,9,10 can get it tho

  10. Horny Tom

    Happy Friday guys.

    Names for 5,8,12, and 14! Please and Thank You!!

    BOTD, you sure know how to brighten up my cloudy day .. Lol ( it’s cloudy in CA ) haha

    • Alpha

      #12 is Noelle Easton

      • Horny Tom

        Thanks man. I owe you a beer.

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