23 Responses to Thick Phat Booty Cleaning Lady Kimberly

  1. iceman8069

    I’d go balls deep in that!

  2. Jason

    I hate to say it…. but I think that this girl might pull a Victoria Allure. Where she does it for like a scene & then stops.

  3. yabajaba


    Bangbros again…

    • Bubba

      Yah but when are they going to up there game. All them scenes make my stomach turn. Dam holy jesus buy some got dam steady cam for your got dam Atari gear bros.

  4. jay

    I think she also has another bj vid with industry invaders. She’s called kim cruz

  5. gerard

    Here’s the full videohttp://m.spankbang.com/4b3b/play/blowjob+fridays+kimberly/480p/

  6. Bootox

    Well, pretty face, beautifull ass and does a great BJ. That is a great combination! I just think that she is a little overweight, but in this case didn’t compromised the product…

  7. Miles

    BJ???? Bangbros drops the ball again, and they had actually been doing pretty well.

  8. Yeah

    Gotta love thick latinas.

  9. Maxwell

    That Latina is bomb as fuck dayam

  10. nate

    does she have other videos besides this? i can t find anything from this lady. not even her “last name” or other alias.. please help!!

    • MikeManiac

      Naw i saw this video on BangBros and i think this is all she has

    • Nabz

      Does she have other porns?? Plz share the link..

  11. Bootyman96

    Really? Only a short BJ? With a chick like her I would expect some action. Her body is amazing I just know if there is more on this chick I bet she has some killer scenes.

  12. poohbia

    Reminds me of Victoria Lan body wise

  13. ty

    Pretty ass!

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