24 Responses to Katie Cummings Thick and Juicy

  1. G Whitley

    Katie Cummings thick like this.

  2. John Bates

    She’s wayyy better Thick! Omg i want a try at her sooo bad!! Too sexyy!!

  3. mondotoken

    I’d hit that viscous!!

  4. AssGifsGirls

    Like this!! 🙂 mmmm

  5. Chaos

    Oh thick most definitely

  6. Ant52

    Better thick

  7. BSD

    Friends –

    Like this.



    I’ll dive on it

  9. Bootyman96

    Katie Cummings is coming to cum on ur face! Haha

  10. Spungn

    Ya, this chick is cute either way!! And it’s funny that this is considered a “chubby” girl!! So her belly isn’t flat or ripped into a. 6 pak!!! Who cares!!! Like Bo Bise said…her lookin at u wid those eyes while she’s givin u da bidnus….D-A-M-N!!!!!!

  11. lj

    she looks great!! definitely prefer her like this.

  12. Bo_bise86

    WIth those pretty eyes lookin’ at while she’s giving a dude the business who cares

  13. blackfrost

    she is perfect

  14. poohbia

    It looks like shes back to her previous weight


    • bigswole

      Good lookin out. Her natural ig pics look much better than the usual studio photoshopped stuff.

  15. Evil Jr

    1 of my favorite Pornstars … I would F*ck the Fat right off that Booty-Full Porn Pig. 🙂

  16. poohbia

    I always liked Katie so her gaining weight isnt that big of deal to me, but i preferred her a little lighter

    This was one of my favs http://www.spankwire.com/Latina-POV-Katie-Cummings/video214783/

  17. tommytbaron

    I’ll take it!! Perfect as is!

  18. John

    She is holding it down for the BBW NOW!!!

  19. $#@D¥no1


  20. iceman8069

    The things I would do to her!

  21. bigswole

    She looks better w/o the gut.

  22. The Chairman


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