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  1. bossi


  2. cutter

    Please make a big ass gif of the 4 second mark…. Oh gawd

  3. Anon7389
  4. Jason

    Where do U go 2 find the link 2 see the video? Casue the one in the discription isn’t working. 🙁

    • botd

      It’s working for me, but it’s just a trailer. I have to post a link to the video producers to give them credit. If you want to find the video on a tube site, try to do a search for the name of the video.

  5. SGee

    ADMIN pls stop post clips…
    Post Gifs & Picture only ! 🙂 Thx


    BootyOfTheDay <3

    • botd

      You have to give me a reason. If there’s a problem with viewing clips, then there’s probably a solution. Glad you like the site, but y u no like clips?

      • Anon7389

        In PC form they’re alright, in mobile, there is no loop. Also using Chrome for mobile causes the clip to look green, like a bad render or something. This happens while using an LG Optimus L9

        • botd

          Thanks for the feedback. Does it happen with all videos on Chrome for mobile, or just some. Also, can you try Firefox for mobile?

        • Pete

          I look at the site through Chrome and it comes in great !! PLEASE continue posting clips

        • Anon7389

          chrome and default browser lack the loop option. The render problem seems like temporary since its fixed in chrome. Works like a charm at Firefox. Regards.

          • botd

            Okay thanks man.

  6. illphill

    I would marry that woman. So I can get a mustash ride for the rest of my life

  7. Raydillla

    Paige fucking turnah my god!!!!!!!

  8. Boooty freak

    I would love to have that ASS in my face. Damn!

  9. Valentino rossi 46

    Ho god I like big asses

  10. Dab

    Great post

  11. Anon7389

    Everyday I check the site I become a very religious man because all I keep saying is:

    “OH GOD”


    • @friend of bu


    • Neto

      Lol xD

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