24 Responses to British Booties Walking

  1. GDUB

    We should import them both.

  2. King

    Does anyone know any other updates of Anja Dee and those leaked videos??

  3. mapos

    Nah, Paige just has an ass like that. She’s got one of those asses that’s more big than round because hers is WAY more fat than muscle

  4. BIGass

    source, plz

  5. virus
    • botd

      I can’t post anything from MixedMag because nowadays all their videos are covered in watermarks. I will not compromise my artistic integrity.

      • Zorken

        Real talk.

  6. Fleece
    • Douche Baggins

      Trolling bastard! That’s the skinniest, grossest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    • That's The OG...

      I like Scarlett, she’s the definition of what “THICK” used to mean. It used to mean a chick that was IN SHAPE with a banging body. Now all these nasty FAT hoes and lazy ass dudes call a chick over 120 lbs “THICK” even if she doesn’t have an attractive body.

      I gonna create an algorithm or publish some sort of documentation on the definition of “THICK” in regards to weight, height, body type, and measurements.

      I’ll become a GOD

      • botd

        The correct definition of thick is big tits, wide hips, phat ass, big thighs, and an hourglass figure…which means a hip to waist ratio that shows a huge difference between a girl’s waist size and her hip size…which is the primary thing that makes a female body “attractive” to men according to science.

        Scarlett has none of that. Jaye Rose, the redhead in the post above has pretty much all of it.

        All the girls I post have voluptuous, hourglass figures. Everything else is unimportant.

        • botd

          Oh there’s already documentation in scientific journals about what makes a woman thick and attractive. Hint: It’s not about weight.

  7. Black man
    • Nate

      So she made another account or what? Last time I checked, I believe she deleted her Instagram account and her conectpal too. And I never noticed she was doing these more revealing stuff naked and everything. Anyone else knows if she’s still active, but with a different account, channel or if she’s doing cam modeling or something?? This is very intriguing and good stuff for me.

    • poohbia

      Damn son, is there more? Followed this chick forever until she disappeared


    • lucas

      What her site? Instagram, twitter … Are more videos?

      • Black man

        I don’t know, I just happened to run into the videos on Instagram then I put that video together.

  8. dg

    yeah man its the angle on paige
    but with that said when she bends over o my fucking god

  9. BSD

    Friends –

    I can’t go wrong with either Jaye Rose OR Paige Turnah.*

    If I came home and found either of them in my bed I would be a happy camper.


    * (In their porn primes. I’ve heard that Paige has lost some weight since her porn retirement.)

  10. that dude

    paige turnah has always had a funny shape

  11. yolo
  12. Zorken

    It’s just impossible for me not to like walk videos.. nice one, BOTD!

  13. Smeller

    Nice pick botd. I wish Jaye hadn’t stopped making hc scenes.

    If you like fit, lean (ish), protein-rich, asian, chunky, jiggling (ish) booty, then, for your consideration:


    You are so welcome!

  14. E

    I would sell my soul and all my belongings to have a night/nights with Paige Turnah. In a heartbeat no questions asked.

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