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  1. Wilt

    i know a site to get the video the site is *** ******** u can just type her name and *** ******** on google and you can download for free but can someone post the video on a site where someone else could watch just reply and tell where you going to post it

    • botd

      Thanks bro but that site’s not allowed here.

  2. Will

    Where can I find mixed magazine videos for free? Please anyone

  3. bigdoglj

    AWESOME!!!! Pretty face also.

  4. Gobot90

    Hey Botd check out Aviva the Mirage on youtube. Super hot all natural pawg burlesque dancer.

    • botd

      Thanks. I was planning a post about thick burlesque chicks. I’ll check her out.

  5. Harry Dick

    Has some1 done a site rip on mixed? If so what is the link?

  6. poohbia

    Damnnnn, nicee

    Chick needs to do porn

  7. Horny Tom

    Where can I find more of her?? Has she done porn?? Any videos??? I think I just fell in love..

    BOTD always coming through. Lol

    IMa start calling you botdharmony.com

  8. iceman8069

    Damn…she bad as fuck!

  9. Yeah

    Lol, sorry for posting for a THIRD time now (really wish there was an edit function on here…) but you should probably take the time and dedicate a post to JuJu…its crazy how I haven’t seen her (and her ass!) In a loooong time now.


    • botd

      Okay maybe soon on TA.

  10. Yeah

    Wow…great cakes in the shower.

    • Yeah

      Not to mention she’s stacked too…damn.

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