Inked Up and Assed Out

6 pics and 4 gifs of a big colorful amateur ass with tattoos.

via redditpantygrrrl

6 Responses to Inked Up and Assed Out

  1. alfie

    OMG ! This is a pure beauty *.*

  2. Badham

    While this has been one of my favorite posts on this site and I really do appreciate BootyofTheDay. I would like to make sure that the person who runs this site got permission from redditpantygrrrl. She recently stopped hosting her pictures and posting as well because other sites have been publishing her pics without her consent. Not saying the author at BootyofTheDay didn’t get permission, maybe they did which is awesome, I’m just trying to bring attention to this as I’m a fan of hers and want to see more pics!!

  3. safetypin


    • ILL Phil

      Sorry Mr safetypin please don’t fail me again

  4. ILL Phil

    I love it when girls spread there asses!

  5. azzloco

    Amazing artwork… I’se can really admire it from behind. Ah si.

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