18 Responses to Jessica Kylie Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. johnsmith

    definitely surgically enhanced, but in the best way possible

  2. Brent

    How about the cum bucket challenge

  3. This guy!

    Meh, she’s old news. Shoe mag, smooth mag, blah blah blah. Neeeext!

    • This guy!

      Oops, I meant SHOW mag.

  4. Bootox

    Good that it wasn’t just me! I would like to know who is the bucket girl! Someone?

  5. I like booties.

    Wow. And who’s the girl that dumped the ice?

  6. BSD

    Friends –

    Saw this one a couple of weeks ago., This girl looks pretty nice. Actually, she looks better here doin’ the ice dance than she does in all her twitter and publicity photos. Looks more real and natural. To me anyway.

    Her friend could get it too. Looks like some nice thickness there as well.


  7. Electriwizard

    That’s some thick girl!! She’s definetely got my attention. Name ?

    • I like booties.

      Her name is in the post! C’moooon maaaan!

      • botd

        He probably meant what’s her Instagram or Twitter name.

  8. blackfrost

    Ill take her and the person who dumbed the ice lol

    • Jack Daniels

      Keep Calm and Take a Cold Shower.

  9. yabajaba

    Anyone know if part of her is fake? I always wondered.

    • bigswole

      hella fake buns, maybe titties too. regardless, she’s looks like fun.

    • poohbia

      She def got better body over the years, wouldn’t be surprised if most of it was fake. She used to go by ‘Jessica Rabbit’, Google it to see how she look in her early years. She always had body but nothing like hiw she looks now

  10. Naughtynuff4u

    She looks like the voluptuous version of the actress who played mystique in the x-men movies. im sure you know who im referring to.

  11. tommytbaron

    I’ve checked her out before, but damn she’s looking nicer than ever in that getup.

  12. iceman8069

    Yea, she could definitely get it!

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