22 Responses to Jessica Kylie in the Kitchen

  1. meh

    any news on cpal ?

  2. Maxwell

    This chics about as real as an eater bunny

  3. Aalim Chin

    God damn these chicks don’t need all this fake shit to look good. Sometimes is too much and doesn’t look right.

  4. 843bigred

    Fake or not I’ll dislocate my back trying to beat that in lol

  5. Suresh


  6. Udder Appreciation

    Some lucky guy gets to hit this

  7. botd

    If that’s fake, then in this case I don’t mind cause looks good to me.

  8. iloveemthick

    @botd anyway you can gif it ?

    • botd

      I’ll see but you have to tell me why you want a gif first.

      • chris

        Because hitting play is too much work on my phone.

        • botd

          Just download Mobile Firefox for free from the app store. They play just like gifs with that.

          • chris

            I wish I could! I use a Windows phone though. No Firefox for WP yet.

  9. iloveemthick

    @botd you the best bruh& anyone speaking negative is a fucking fag no discussion

  10. DG

    booty so fake wish she had her thighs done too

    • Pete

      Fake or not, I’d still beat that ass like craaaaazy !! But I do agree, she needs to add some fat onto the thighs…nothing better than a fat ass with some thick thighs

  11. Fatty Wep, Quap Treen

    when the fridge door opened, booty confirmed fake.

  12. Rob

    Like she can cook… but doesn’t dare have to with a body like that.

  13. Seanjohn100

    she looked better when she was slimmer but either way she’s getting the business

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