12 Responses to Reddit Jewish Girl Assquake

  1. W

    She’s not Jewish by the way. She answered that in comments once

  2. BootyFreak

    Nice, but not long enough.

  3. Bootyman96

    Jew girl booty. Open minded right now.

  4. Gijpvogel

    Dat asshole mmmmmmm

  5. Zorken

    Thanks BOTD for the updates!! But honestly I’m in doubt if that ass is really big or not… I bet that if she stands up straight her ass will disappear…

    • botd

      True but sometimes it’s about the art of the gif/loop. And it might not be big enough for me and you, but others might like it. Also I needed a title with “Jewish girl ass” in it in case people on Google are searching for that.

      • Zorken

        hehe yes, you got a point. Thanks for the reply

    • yabajaba

      Yup, it’s meaty for sure but not exactly big though:

      On another note, her gifs have insane quality. Wish that was the norm.

      Another somewhat-known bigbooty girl on Reddit: HarlotsWebb.

      These Reddit girls are my favorite. Compared to the Tumblr/IG type, they don’t come off as being self-centered as shit. They also don’t seem to charge up the ass for private and custom content.

      • Zorken

        wow, you’re right.. not only the resolution but the fps rate of that gif is also amazing!

        • Zorken

          I mean, the fps rate of the videoloop, my bad..

        • yabajaba

          Gif in the post looks even greater: https://gfycat.com/RemoteSnappyCaracal

          I used to buy vids pretty often on C4S and I don’t have a single damn 60fps vid in my collection. It’s crazy how much better they look.

  6. ilovemesomebooty

    Mighty fine indeed.

    Praise the booty lords for blessing us with this great gift.

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