15 Responses to 85 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. botd

    Yo guys, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the props, but on the real, I don’t feel right hearing that. Just enjoy the posts.

    If you really wanna show your appreciation tho, get the word out about the site. Tell as many people as you can. Drop everything you’re doing now, get up on your rooftop right this minute and scream out as loud as you can, “BOOTY OF THE DAY!” … Not even playing tho, do it.

  2. Algusto

    Video of miss bumbum full version http://www.hdclipsbr.com/video/5811

  3. Deezy

    I hate to thread Jack but I’m in dire need of help y’all lol. Does anyone know who this is?? http://beautifulbundass.tumblr.com/post/68392572090/beautiful-big-booty-teacher-anybody-knows-her

    • botd

      I think it’s Cielo from Bangbros. She’s one of the Colombian chicks I’ve been talking about.

      Her, Sandra, Paola, Angelina, Natalie, and I was gonna say Vanessa Luna but I’m not sure if she’s Colombian. Nevertheless, she also had work done and she’s also from South America. Damn that’s a whole lotta implants. But I guess some dudes are into that.

      Funny cause I made the exact same gif but I never posted it cause the video never officially came out.

  4. the squidhunter

    Came up a Little Short on the 100 Ass Salute, I aint mad at you though!

    Happy Thanksgiving all My Friends in the USA from The Squidhunter out here in Toronto (Crack Smoking Mayor) Canada!!

    • botd

      Haha. My bad but I’m glad you’re not mad. I started collecting these group pics the day after I posted the 62 Things I’m Thankful For last year. And right now I’m starting to collect group photos for next Thanksgiving, 2014. It aint easy. Shit is hard up here in the Internet Booty Game brotha.

  5. Desipimp

    Thank you so much! You outdid yourself! Absolutely mind blowing!!!

  6. That_dude


  7. blackfrost

    so many asses, such little time. my hand hurts now….

  8. JD

    If anyone is wondering, the last pic is from a really nice Peter Hegre set called “Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina tropical white”

  9. sm84

    the last thing wanna hear about these pictures is that its from miss bum bum…………even if it is pls dont spoil the fun………!!!
    luve the abundant asses
    happy thanksgiving………………..!!

  10. Darkaholic

    what a lovely post… i jizzed in my pants

  11. Mickey

    Thank you for these asses! Although I think the 4th pic has a guy in it. The very tall looking one has a man-chin and shoulders as well. So I think there’s only 85 things I’m thankful for. ’till next year’s asses.

    P.S. no more tranny pics! xD

    • botd

      I think you might be right sir. But either way I changed it to 85 just in case. Never trust a big butt and a tall biatch.

  12. bana

    bootyoverload cant choose. happy thanksgiving fellow assaholics!

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