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  1. Manuel

    Es una alemana fabulosa, se disfruta muchos su sensualidad, felicidades por la falta de vulgaridad. Saludos desde Irapuato, Gto. México

  2. Centis

    I did website work for her back in the day. Shes a nice lady but that butt is definitely 100% fat and cellulite. I had HD photos i had to work with of her, shes definitely what i call a further. Just my opinion though, she does get business (not much but steady) but she never branches out from the same ol boring “show my butt” routines because of (what i suspected at the time) her hubby. She doesnt really have the face going for her so she really does need to branch out more and do some leg routines. I guess ome people want to make it big, some people are fine staying on clip4sales.

    • Shohenskoe

      Can you post her pics?

  3. Enigmaess

    I aggressively 100% Dc

  4. DC

    She’s awesome, would love to have a wife just like that!

  5. Boooty freak

    Uhh, yeah the booty is big, but not nice, she needs to keep exercising.

    • Jonas

      i agree, i just boned one like this and it was all sloppy. defoo needs more exercise

      • Leesa

        No, you didn’t.

        You’re primally motivated to desire a woman’s body and for her to want you. It’s the very worst kind of man who doesn’t understand that and who says judgemental, disrespectful, or dismissive things about women they’re intimate with (or in this case, viewing intimate images of). This woman, who you say “defoo needs more exercise,” is more powerful without saying a word than you are with all the nasty things that come out of your mouth and speaking the way you do makes you sound like a child.

        Own your appreciation of a woman’s beauty and call it what it is. If you start to behave a little better, maybe you could be boning something other than your hand.

        • Therealzux

          Wow, take it down a notch Leesa. Congrats on your first encounter with what men are thinking to themselves and good luck changing the species.

        • Mingtian

          Leesa, you sound like a typical, angry, retarded feminist. If you don’t like it, get the hell off this thread.


        • Dan

          fucking feminist, shoo!

        • shoshenskoe

          I agree with you Leesa.

        • don't be a cunt

          Do you have an IQ of less than 80? Men are primally motivated to be attracted to females, but that doesn’t mean ANY female. Most men aren’t attracted to (beyond just something to screw) a woman so fat that her pockets of fat hang off her like dripping wet paint. Most men aren’t attracted do women with a size 16 shoe and super skinny feet. Most men aren’t attracted to pasty women with blue/green veins showing all over their breasts. Lastly most men aren’t attracted to Sara big butt as she’s a bit too sloppy and needs to tone up a bit. She’s not gross, but she’s not what most men are attracted to for a long term relationship…. but a lot of men wouldn’t mind running up in it for a weekend… not someone you bring back to mama.

          You just have to face it that all phenotypes aren’t attracted to everyone or even most people. So what. Get over it and yourself and realize that men and women have their personal preferences and “too fat” isn’t usually on the list.

          • shoshenskoe

            I really prefer women like Sarah. Man, you are generalizing in a bad way.

  6. Jason

    :O OMFG!!!!! Do you know where this girl is from? & what’s her real name??? :O She looks sexy as fuck!!!!

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